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Nexus Mediaworks is one of the leading Digital Marketing & SEO Agency in Malaysia and one of 450+ certified Google Adwords Premier Partners in the world. We are a well-rounded digital marketing agency that builds your business’s digital identity from scratch and up towards being one of the top searches in Google search engines. We understand, plan, strategize and optimize the best digital marketing & SEO Malaysia solutions for your business to capture the attention of your target audience.

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    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help your customers find you easily which in turn would increase your brand reputation and sales. More user engagement coupled with good user experience is the key to new transactions and also loyal customers. We can help you achieve greater results and drive your business growth to new heights.

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    FAQs that you might be curious about as a digital agency

    What does a digital agency actually do?
    A digital agency is a company that focuses on online strategy, creative and technical development for all products and services. Often, generalist digital agencies malaysia will take up other fields such as branding, marketing and graphic design. However we are firmly against jack-of-all-trades in the digital industry. The only thing we like to spread thin, is peanut butter on toast, and not our skills! A digital agency’s strengths and strategies should lie heavily in designing, building, migrating & maintaining digital solutions. The most crucial component is in creating a conversion website – which requires a real specialist to understand how to apply human psychology principles to digital design effectively to drive users to click and call you, book an appointment, or to email your sales team and surely a great way to increase to accelerate your business ranking! Our designers know visual design and our fleet of developers know the best practices in structuring and building a website right, with both SEO and Google in mind. Day in, day out we look after website sitemaps, wireframes for conversion-maximised journeys, UI/UX web design, front-end and back-end development, API integrations, content migration and website maintenance.
    What should I look out for in a best digital agency Malaysia?
    Results. You don’t want an agency that is all talk. After all, it’s easy to make promises, but follow through and execution is another ball game.

    Look for a conversion focus (any agency should be able to articulate their proven framework clearly)
    Look for a considerably extensive portfolio (no one-hit wonders)
    Look for a local team (you want to be sitting down with everyone who’s working on your project)
    Look for a specialist team (generalists are often diluted in their efforts)
    Check that the person who you speak to is on your project (you don’t want a sales guy who’s just talk)
    And as a great final test, look at the agencies own website (if it doesn’t capture your attention in seconds and drive the desire to take action, there’s little hope they can do the same for you – proofs in the pudding we always say)

    Come and visit our Office in Puchong! Meet with our CEO and Founder, Francis Lui or contact our sales team at (+603 8079 0918) or email us at [email protected] for an obligation-free chat on a digital plan and your online conversion potential!
    How is a digital agency different from a creative/ marketing/ graphics/ branding agency?
    Digital agencies have a much stronger understanding of the digital environment. A web designer and web developer is VERY different to a general creative or marketing person, the same way a heart surgeon is a specialist in comparison with an all-round GP. Nexus is a digital agency that is solely geared on web conversion. From conception to launch, we look after all the design and development components. We also have an extensive range of specialist Teams(SEO Team, videographers, photographers, etc) which ensure we get to custom select the best experts for your project. Marketing agencies will look into elevating your brand presence in the market. They are experts with managing your social media content, EDM strategies and ad campaigns. This is important in driving traffic to your website, which is your ultimate conversion tool. Graphics agencies feature designers that cover a broad spectrum of print, packaging and digital work. These are your go-to guys if you’re after print, stationery, marketing collateral (brochures & posters) and even illustrative work. Branding agencies look after your business’s personality in its abstract and tangible forms (eg. logo, tagline, colour palette). They come into play very early on in a business’s conception to create a brand identity that will really resonate with their target audience. Each agency is equally important, depending on which stage your business is at, but in the same way you would never use a screwdriver to hammer a nail, make sure to use the right agency at the right time.
    What makes Nexus the top choice as your digital agency in Malaysia?
    We have a simple proven framework that guides every piece we create. This conversion-centric model is the backbone of every build and we love to share it! The best win-win partnerships: Understand the importance of conversion (and have a desire to improve this like us)Are curious to see how we blend both stunning design and conversion results together (who said you could only have one without the other)Love to talk strategy and understanding that digital is not “just another website” or a silver bullet. Want to talk directly to the person who they’ll be working with and get insight from the 1st call Whether you’re simply after website strategy, conversion rate optimisation, a digital design refresh or a full-scale build, our well-rounded and wholesome team of web designers and developers are custom-fit to your specific business needs and goals. We’re currently working on projects with leading organizations across the globe such as Berjaya Sompo Insurance Berhad, the best online car insurance company in Malaysia. And if we’re not the right fit, we’re more than happy to do our best to point you in the right direction too. So why not drop us a line at +603 8079 0918
    How do I get started with my digital marketing?
    Before you commit to anything, we have a simple of form for you to fill out to ensure we can cater and learn more about your needs, clients and products. There is absolutely no commitment on your part by completing this form. Click here if you are keen to know more in our services!
    Is there a minimum budget or starting price on digital marketing agency?
    It is guaranteed that the client’s campaign is handled based on their goals and needs. We do not have any pre-priced budgets. Our sales team will be more than happy to guide and advise you on your preferred options. The team will ensure that you can afford your marketing monthly budget with the needs that you have wished for. Drop us an email at [email protected] today to speak with our professionals!
    Will clients be locked down in a long term contract with digital agency?
    The contract is a month to month plan. It is not how long you stay with us but it is important and our responsibility to see how far you can generate great business results. Overall, it’s a rolling monthly contract and we are proud to share that we have been working with some of our clients since 2005.