100% Increased in Organic Traffic Within 6 Months?

Why you should invest in Marketing as a Service in 2020?

The Problem
How can we drive traffic to the company website?

This article is a combination of 5 seo case studies from clients who faced the same issue. They have a well-designed website but, not generating the traffic they desire.

The Solution

The companies signed up with our search engine optimisation (SEO) services to optimise the underperforming websites. We ran a website audit and found that their websites were barely searched engine optimised.

We then employed a three-stage plan:

Stage 1: Optimise all web pages

During the auditing process, we identified the relevant keywords for their business. We updated their websites methodically to improve their search engine ranking pages (SERPs) performance. This greatly increased the visibility of their websites. We took the necessary steps to maximise interactive elements within the websites.

Stage 2: Human content optimisation

SEO is no longer just about keywords. With the announcement of Google RankBrain, Google is able to identify the true intent of the searches made by users. We conducted an in-depth research on how their contents should be structured in order to develop highly beneficial content that matches with user’s search queries. By having engaging and relevant content, we are able to attract more visitors to the websites.

Stage 3: Integrating SEO into their business

Finally, it is time to integrate SEO into their business. This is done by integrating all marketing channels to the content of the website through ‘link building’.

Reporting and recommendation is provided to the clients to further improve the website’s performances.

The Result

And that’s how we successfully increased their organic traffic by more than 100% and ranked their websites on the 1st page of Google within the span of 6 months.

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