11 Web Design Requirements That Drive Leads

11 Web Design Requirements That Drive Leads

1. An attractive website / landing page always contain concise and clean headline; visitors get to understand the comprehensive yet brief headline that may attract them want to read the web content further.


2. Visuals usually attract visitor more likely to engage in conversions: a picture speaks a thousand words, however a video speaks million words. Rather than giving visitors a lengthy words of content to read, some time a visual could have explained majority.


3. One of the most crucial natures we have to understand about web visitor is: they are scanner, not reader. Therefore when we are trying to provide information about the “Benefits” that may regarded their interest, break the paragraphs into point forms, use infographic and ensure the content is tidy and easy to read for the MASS PUBLIC!


4. Statistics shown that an attractive and outstanding “Call to Action” button always make the web visitor more likely to click in for further actions! Therefore, a different color button (make sure don’t blend the color into the background) with catchy word on top that makes even YOU, yourself want to click in would likely build higher conversion rate.


5. If you happen to have important announcement / message, make sure those are placed on top of the web fold so the visitors will receive the messages at the moment they landed on the page. As we have mentioned earlier, web visitor is usually lazy (yes, we are all the same) in scrolling for more contents; what further proven the fact is that statistics shown majority of people likely to spend 80% of their browsing time at top of the web fold!


6. Too much of links / buttons that may lead to confusion could probably transform one web visitor to be ANGRY SPARTAN..Yes you probably will lose another potential visitor when he / she smashed his / her electronic device with a sword or whatsoever due to the confusing links and buttons! Reduce the navigations and links, stop giving them too much of options and keep them away from variety of distractions. A neat and tidy website / page, with a little difference when they clicked into another page, and provide them sweet little animation when mouse over buttons would likely refresh their brain and make them want to smooch or love your website!


7. When it comes to the description of products / services, once again we have to make sure the content is concise and brief; providing them a visual or two would be advantageous!


8. What would likely build higher confidence of your web visitor is, the testimonials. Your clients usually wish to know about the feedbacks and proven results before their temptation of enquiring your product / services (yes, and once again yes, we ALL are the same..)! Therefore providing the profile of your existing satisfied clients will highly strengthen the trust and confidence of these people.


9. Don’t be shy to show a few trusted Indicators (but please, DO NOT flood the entire page with them) because you had put in your efforts to earn them: Your certificates will highly strengthen the trust of your client.


Of course, show brands or clientele logos will improve their confidence too!


10. Provide prominent enquiry and contact details so the web visitors will locate them with little efforts and they will be more likely take action too; providing them a simple form to fill in their details will as well be advantageous!


11. Last but not least, statistics shown that about 48% of web users are frustrated on non-mobile-responsive website while 43% of these users will leave the site instantly (however we aren’t very sure how many % of the web visitors are transformed into ANGRY SPARTAN due to the reason their electronic devices are smashed / crushed – data are unable to retrieve after their transformation). Therefore it’s very crucial for one website designer to ensure they have mobile responsive website: providing conveniences to web visitors while it indicates that your brand’s web page is user friendly too.