4 Effective ways of Generate Lead through Internet

Every enterprise needs to generate leads on an ongoing basis to maintain a healthy funnel and customer base. In the past, awareness and leads get through offline marketing. Today, with the skills, tools and technology, the digital marketing is widely used, we are able to generate leads online easier as compare to before. In Malaysia, it is not something new in the market. You getting less lead through online? Is your campaign performing well? You have not get touch with any digital marketing, let me share you some information about it. Also, allow me to explain some differences between online and offline lead.

4 Effective ways of Generate Lead through Internet

Online vs Offline Leads

This article may be about why and how to generate leads online. But it does not mean the offline lead generation is less valuable, it means in this technology era, you should fully utilise online in getting more business. Online is easier when it comes to manage and measure the campaign.

Online and Offline is a way to reach the audience and it both achieved the same goal. We should define what is our final goal will be. An audience that fills out a form on our website, someone who calls up to your company to inquire/purchase your products or services or even send a WhatsApp to ask you about your service information.

How to Generate Online Leads

As mentioned above, there is a number of ways to generate leads online. Below are the 4 methods that can be used by any business to get the job done.



Generate Leads From Your Website


Your business website is to inform your visitors, what you do and how they can obtain your products or services. Through appropriate navigation and attractive, clever calls for action and detail information, your site’s pages can become the main source of lead generation network.

Remember that most of your other marketing activities eventually lead customers and prospects back to your website. Name Card, Flyer, Facebook Page, Google and so on. In this world wide web space, you control 100% of the news in your website. On your site, you can create a unique landing page for a specific population, and other actions called for on the product page and other strategic locations on your website.

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Online Advertising Leads


Paid advertising is another effective way to generate leads online. This type of advertising comes in a few different forms as below.

Google Search Network

In Malaysia, search engine marketing has been used by a lot of company to get the lead. With paid search advertising campaigns, you can position your ads prominently in front of people while they are searching for your products and services and are in a buying mood with the need to have the good keyword planning and the attractive headline and description.

Google Display Network (GDN)

There is another form of Google Ads – Google Display Network (GDN), with different objective from Search Network, GDN will focus on the branding purpose, this is the best way for the client who wants to raise their brand awareness for their new products, services or company. These ads show up on web pages that targeted users are visiting and can be effectively retargeted at users who have visited your website. GDN is not showing in the Google Search Engine, it is showing as a banner in a Google Adsense (3rd party website).


Social Media Ads


Other than Google Search Engine, Social Media is one of the best ways to generate leads. There are few widely used platforms such as – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. Social media advertising platforms allow you to target on a granular level based on a number of demographics such as age, gender, income, interest in your product or service, zip code and more. 



Great Content = Generate Lead


The key for a content is not the more the better, the marketing message is the key point. For example in two websites, Website A homepage with more information and detailed, Website B homepage content has the right marketing message and straight to the point. Most of the audience will most likely prefer Website B because they are able to use the shortest time to understand the website and able to find the solution to their problems and needs. Remember when you write the content for your website, to make sure that your audience understands what is your business about but not providing jargons.



Email Marketing Lead Generation


Email marketing is one of the most effective in moving leads efficiently through the sales funnel, but in Malaysia will be vary depending on the content of the email. If you manage a large database of leads at all different stages of the buying cycle implement a marketing automation software application for your business. Then build out marketing tracks and start engaging in relevant conversations at scale. In the market have much software to help them on Email Marketing, there are many tracking tools that able you to track open the email and click into the link that provided.

In all the tactics that mention above, implementing these tactics you will see your lead engagement take off!

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