4 important metrics to measure video marketing

4 important metrics to measure video marketing

Show the world what you are passionate about in a video!

Begin with a goal in mind. A strategic marketing plan is put in place to ensure that your video produced receives a substantial reach, social sharing and engagement rate, and hopefully being able to convert potential clients too! Research has found that a video can increase landing page conversion rate up to 86%!

Beneath all these professionally created videos, perhaps those which are humorous or emotional, have you wondered how well they are performing as part of a marketing effort?

The truth beholds.*drums roll*

4 ways to effectively measure video marketing:

1. Number of Views

As simple as it is - How many people viewed your video?
If your aim is brand awareness, this would be a good element to measure. It presents how popular your video is.

Different platforms count number of views differently. YouTube, for example, requires 30 seconds of watching before a view is recorded. On the other hand, Facebook counts number of views with just after 3 seconds.

2. Watch Rate

After your audience hit the ‘play’ button, what happens? This is measured by the watch rate. It measures how much of your video does your audience watch. To increase the watch rate, insert attention grabbing contents and ensure that your contents are relatable.

Another trick is to insert a ‘hook’ after analysing the statistics where your audience fall-out to ensure that they continue to be engaged throughout the video.

3. Click Through Rate

It is the percentage of viewers who click on your video’s Call To Action (CTA) button to visit another page, be it your company website or external promotion website which is related to the video.

To improve your CTR, it is important to ensure that relevant contents are placed on your landing page to then, convert your audience into clients.   

4. Conversion Rate

Most importantly, the effectiveness of video marketing is the Conversion Rate! How many of your viewers are converting into your customers? How many products did they purchase or are they booking your services?

Having said that, the conversion rate is sometimes difficult to measure as it depends on the intention of the video. An A/B testing should be done to test different captions or contents to further harness the effectiveness of the video advertisement.

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