5 Ways to Survive for First-Timer Attending MozCon


Getting nervous to attend a conference? Well, so do I. This is my first time attending a conference but I assure that this will not be my last. MozCon 2016 is one of the largest digital marketing conference in United States and I have heard such wonderful things about Mozcon! When I was set to go to this conference, the excitement builds before the journey begins.

If you are like me, attending a conference for the first time, let me share how to make the most of a conference and not just surviving the experience. Make it an amazing conference experience!

1. Wear comfortable clothes

Before you decide what to wear, verify whether or not the conference you attend has any dress code guidelines. Otherwise, use your best judgment and dress business casual to conferences, something casual yet professional. Make sure your clothing and shoes are comfortable that make you feel confident and self-assured. Let the dressing part puts your best foot forward and make a great impression!

2. Talk to the people around you

Introduce yourself! You are surrounded by plenty of industry experts and professionals and most of the attendees are super friendly and happy to chat. Thus, make sure others are aware of your present. Perhaps you can prepare a few questions worked out in your head. Those questions can be great conversation starters and you will enjoy talking to people. You are not only making valuable contacts, also you will make new friends.

3. Connect to the speakers

Look around you and seek for the right opportunities! Find speaking opportunities and gather up the courage to talk to the speakers will made an impact on you. At Mozcon, I’m so glad that I went up to the founder and wizard of Moz, Rand Fishkin and spoke to him. He is insanely popular, confident, successful, and the person you want to be like some day. We did not talk typical SEO strategies and tactics but rather a casual conversation.

4. Use social media

There is live tweeting at MozCon overflowing with the latest happening in the Washington State Convention Cente. Meet people and build your connections at the conference by retweeting or join a conversation on Twitter (use hashtags). If someone shows up or reply your tweet, ask if you can meet in person!

5. Drink coffee and get your laptop ready

Get yourself a caffeinated beverage to keep you alert and increase your concentration level! Hence, turn on your keen ears mode as there are a lot of innovative tips and forward-thinking digital marketing sharing from the speakers at Mozcon! You do not want to miss out the important points, so bring along your laptop and jot down any important information (not everything that is said, word-to-word).


Attending a conference is one of the best opportunity to learn and sharpen your skills. So, prep yourself and get on with it!


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