7 Easy Tips for Awesome SEO!



Fun and engaging content surely are able to drive higher traffic. Online audience is usually attracted to a more lively and passionate content as compared to the dull ones. Studies have shown, content with interesting plot twists often capture audience’s attention longer than the usual ones. Such websites are proven with longer average session duration from audiences.



Empathy is surely one of the most crucial values of a SEO practitioner. I personally find SEO requires high level of empathetic attribute; after all, our job is to provide valuable and meaningful content for online searchers as high rankings do not mean good problem solving. Thus, surely we will have to study from searcher’s perspective and look into the 4W1H. All in all, don’t write for search engines, write for your readers.



It’s no secret that content is king when it comes to boosting your search rankings, but it can’t be any random content as there are too many richer, clearer and more valuable contents of your competitors being thrown around on the Internet. Being exceptional, different and outstanding are what differentiate you from the rivals. Make contents that conceive to deliver optimal user experience, able to leave positive impression, and be highly recallable whenever audience think about related topics. A little word of forewarning, exceptional does not mean untrendy and outrages and overdoing it will lead to backfire.


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