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With multiple offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand, Nexus Mediaworks has been servicing more than 1,500 clienteles ranging from SMEs and corporates with more than 800 businesses in Malaysia since 2005. Average clients have been engaging with Nexus Mediaworks for more than 6 years. Nexus’ philosophy is rooted in the principles of continuously develop innovative digital marketing solutions that provide our clients with a distinct advantage over competitors and expand their business globally. We customize digital marketing solution for your business to match your precise needs and goals.

If you're just getting started, now is the perfect time to make sure your business is found online! As a 360° digital marketing company, we provide a full suite of digital marketing solutions across search and display includes search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click marketing (PPC), social media marketing (SMM), analytics consulting services, mobile UI/UX design and UI/UX development.


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As the Founder of Nexus, Francis has been doing SEO in Alta Vista, Infoseek, and Yahoo since 1994; and with Google since 1999. SEO as a service has evolved drastically since the recent years notable when Google introduced RankBrain (Machine Learning) to understand and to predict searcher's intention.

According to Francis, a fixed package will never work for any business and better off saving money if one is to invest in CHEAP SEO. He believes in and has proven throughout the years since the establishment of Nexus that: Customized SEO package should be introduced by the agencies in order to reach further beyond client's business target and expectation.

Francis also stated that having customised SEO is certain to see Return of Investment(ROI) over the time: the fruitful result is that you sowed. As content marketing & social media management are needed and although they may be billable hours; however he raised the questions that, how would one top quality agency would not bill to their clients should they are to spend their professional hours with them?

As a business owner and manager, he advised that professional SEO consultation hours are needed for one to understand further about SEO: what

SEO Expert

can bring you and the approximate timeline it takes to deliver ROI for the business.


Francis | SEO Expert

Francis Lui
The Founder, CEO of
Nexus Mediaworks International Group

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Trained by world's top digital marketers

To keep our standard beyond competitors, our team of specialized digital marketing consultants attended international conference, MozCon 2016 and 2017 in Seattle, United States and trained by the world class digital marketers. Knowledge up-to-date and apply in practical! We learn the latest digital marketing trends and innovate strategies which making advantages to your business. We will again, sending people to attend MozCon 2018!

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Google AdWords Certified Premier Partner

Nexus Mediaworks is one of the 450+ certified Google AdWords Premier Partners in the world, meaning Google recognizes us for handing over the best AdWords services to clients. Our core team of specialized experts gets early access to dedicated Google SEA support and is keeping up to date on Google’s new features and best practices to perform at the optimal level and being completely transparent of your AdWords campaign.

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  • Certified Mobile Advertising
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  • Google AdWords Fundamentals Certified
  • Certified Shopping Advertising
  • Google Analytics Certified
  • Facebook Blueprint eLearning
  • Certified Search Advertising
  • SEO Training Course

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