Are You Exploring YouTube For Business?

If you are keen on exploring YouTube as a platform for your business, you are at the right place. 

Research illustrates how video, by nature, engages readily with prospects by  having them yearning about what happens next, before compelling them to take action.

Matter of fact, most marketers agree how video is a powerful medium of conversion today, especially since people prefer to watch instead of read advertisements.

Video is one of the best ways to capture your audience’s attention; business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer prospects (B2C). It helps to add that little creative personality that your brand needs to stand out among the rest.

By businesses utilizing YouTube features like paid advertisements, live videos and list of trending videos, it is possible that companies are able to require more potential leads, in terms of followers and revenue.

Impact of YouTube on Traditional Malaysian Business

Recently, a Malaysian-based traditional merchant, IPC Shopping Center had decided to restrategize their marketing approach when they undertook a RM200 million redevelopment and rebranding project.

To convey their new brand and shopping experience, IPC had incorporated YouTube as a part of their digital approach, where they made a 90-seconds video of a boy’s first love within the mall’s premises.

This revealed how hyper-relevant ads tailored to potential customers works.

It sparked an overwhelming response of 23 million views at a 92% video completion rate, which contributed to a total of 39% increase of visitors to the center.

How Can YouTube Benefit Your Business

Find some of our suggestions below on how YouTube can make your brand a success story too.

Improved Business Personality

By creating a YouTube brand account, your business will stand a chance to create impressions based on their creative idea movements. With variation in your videos, ranging from company’s origin video footage, customer testimonials and preferences to related internal or external events, YouTube gives viewers the chance to know your brand better. So remember, creative is the key!

Online Window Shopping

YouTube is able to introduce your products in action and style. By having product demonstrations in motion graphics, or featuring services as a short display of creative visual, viewers are open to various choices before them. They are given the comfort and opportunity to decide if they need those products, even from home. This method is particularly useful for companies with limited physical distribution channels, especially those who sell mostly over the Internet.

Expanding User Base

Businesses are exposed to a larger crowd within a short amount of time, resulting in creating a community of new followers for the brand. Each posting or weekly update will be viewed and shared more often; an increase in engagement, and would give the video an opportunity to trend in YouTube.

Solving User Problems

This platform is able to provide solutions for customers as well. Video tutorials on products or even guides on how to use the service is a great way to address frequently asked questions. This way you are allocating priority towards your consumer base and become more relevant towards their purchase needs for the future. Recommendations or reviews given in the comment section would also work in favour as businesses will be able to address issues of their products/services immediately.

Start Your Creative Journey

Exploring digital channels such as YouTube for your business might be a little harder without the right guidance and knowledge. We understand how traditional businesses might find it though moving towards a digital platform, but we as a top SEO Agency Malaysia will ensure the impact is most rewarding for your brand! And if you are looking for the right digital channels and SEO Services accompanied by great content and strategies, look no further as we provide you the solution you need. Get your SEO services Malaysia from Nexus Mediaworks and start seeing growth in your business today.