Are You On YouTube?

Are You On YouTube?

YouTube Ads is a powerful tool to generate awareness and revenue for your business. As the second largest search engine after Google, almost 5 billion videos are being watched daily with the majority of the audience range between 18 and 49 of age.

This number will only expand in the future and according to Cisco, 80% of all internet traffic will be video related by 2021. So, if you have not tried YouTube Ads, now is the time.

Let’s begin by familiarising with the types of YouTube Ads are available to business owners or marketers like you.

There are 6 types of YouTube Ads:

  1. Skippable ads or TrueView Ads
  2. Non-skippable Ads
  3. Bumper Ads
  4. Overlay Ads
  5. Display Ads
  6. Sponsored Cards

Skippable Ads or TrueView Ads

Have you seen ads where you can skip after 5 seconds? Yes, that is TrueView Ads. Why is it call TrueView Ads? It is because, only those who are really interested in the message that you are conveying will watch past the 5 seconds mark.

Unless you are optimising the ads based on action or reach, you only pay when the viewer watches 30 seconds or more which is makes it budget friendly for those craving for extra exposure but on a tight budget.

TrueView Ads can be divided into two formats, Discovery Ads and In-Stream Ads.

  1. Discovery Ads are relevant ads that appear in YouTube search results, homepage and what’s even more exciting is this feature is available in the YouTube app. It means your ads will appear on mobile search results! This means, your target can see your ads whether they are using desktops, smartphones or even tablets! Wow! Plus, you only pay when they click it and this means they are interested in your message and this increases your conversion rate!
  2. You might guess the ads from the name. In-Stream Ads are ads that appear before, during or after you watched a video. These ads might also run on other sites or apps with embedded YouTube videos. Viewers have the option to skip the ad after 5 seconds thus, the first 5 seconds is very crucial. You need to capture their attention within 5 seconds! Through this feature, you can filter potential clients perfectly.

Non-skippable Ads

These ads are paid on Cost Per Mile (CPM) basis which is also known as Cost Per Thousand Impressions. It is a powerful way to tell your story and increase brand awareness as viewers have no choice but to watch your ads or closing the whole video altogether.

You can either annoy the viewers by putting up a generic ad or create an exceptional ad that viewers will enjoy till the end. Of course, we prefer the latter.  YouTube knows about the annoyance and officially killed the 30 seconds format and replace it with 15-20 seconds limit. So, the non-skippable ads are slightly more tolerable. Nevertheless, it is a great medium to build awareness for your brand.

Bumper Ads

Bumper Ads is another type of non-skippable ad, but with the limit of 6 seconds maximum. Just like any non-skippable ads, bumpers ads are paid on CPM basis. Its short video length makes them ideal for ads targeting on mobile devices.

Producing a 6 seconds video is easy but the concept of the ads has to be strong or extraordinary to embed the video in your audience’s mind. Just remember, every second count!

Overlay Ads

YouTube provides reservation sponsorship campaigns which allow you to buy impressions at a fixed rate. You can use this to set up overlay ads. Have you ever seen banner ads at the bottom of a video? Those are overlay ads. It is usually semi-transparent and is displayed at the bottom 20% of the video.

Display Ads

Display ads usually appear on the right of your video, above the video suggestion list. Some display ads also appear at the bottom of the video.

Sponsored Cards

A fairly newer edition to the list is the Sponsored Cards Ad option. It is displayed on the top right -hand corner of the video they are watching. A teaser will be seen, capturing your attention to access further information from the sponsored content. It is both a desktop and mobile friendly feature which can be used as a new source of income for creators.

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