The Bedazzling Testimonials of Our Delighted Interns

Let’s hear what our interns speak!

Internship – Dickson:
Hi, my name is Dickson. I’m doing an intern in marketing department since last August. Actually this is my last day working for this company.

Firstly, let’s talk about my impression of working environment in Nexus. Nexus is basically unlike other environment. We have very friendly staffs and very friendly employer. Although we are not that well talented and we are not born with talents. But, our employees including me are the most hard working guys in this business.

Then, I want to share about my internship program provided by Nexus. At Nexus, we won’t just be like other intern jobs that you can be quite free or only act as a backup team. Nexus treat everyone equally, even you are an intern, cleaner or holding other positions. Nexus will treat you as one of the most important team in this company. Besides, we’re not only doing our jobs, we also need to take some examinations. For instance, Google Examination. Those examinations or tests could train us to be a better person in this industry.

There are challenges and achievement when working as an employees in Nexus. I met some difficulties when i worked in this company. Nexus is a digital marketing agency, so we are facing different types of clients from variety of industries. Therefore, we need to think about the solution based on their different background perspectives and experiences. It’s quite difficult but definitely the hard work will also become the success story always. In a word, if you work hard at this critical moment, you definitely will get success. Thank you.

Internship – Candices:
Hi, my name is Candices and i’m an intern in Nexus client servicing department. I have been here for four months.

I definitely love this place a lot even I was feeling the tenseness and pressure from your surroundings. However, I got a lots of joyful moments to remember as well. I’m working with a bunch of cool people here. They always cracking lame jokes in the middle of the daylight and like to go for food hunting. Moreover, we also have wine tasting session occasionally and random sharing sessions that may just inspire your day.

As an experienced Nexus intern, I would say if you are expecting things to go easy for your internship then this is not the right place! Because you will be given real work and responsibilities within your intern period. There are always last minutes tasks come with unfavorable deadlines that will assign to you.

On the other hand, you don’t have to pretend to be smart in Nexus. You are allowed to make mistakes and ask for help whenever you are needed. All that truly matters is you can be yourself here. You can be bold to voice out and just be true to yourself! You will be push beyond your limits and capabilities. There are time you might feel like banging the wall, but once those days are over you will have a great sense of accomplishment. Sooner, you will have more confident to accomplish things.

Exciting? No problem. Join us and be part of our family now! Drop your resume at: Here or [email protected]
We welcome you!

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