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    Reasons to Choose The Google Display Network!

    Did you know that Google Display Network can really support your paid search program? Internet media consumption especially in mobile form has increased tremendously over the last decades. In fact, there are several reasons why you should consider Google Display Network. You can target your potential users on mobile devices within an ideal location or target anywhere else in the world.Google Display Network is considered a more passive form of advertising online. More than 90% of time online people spend on content sites, they may not be researching on ...
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    Latest News from Facebook: Changing the 20% Text Over Image Rule

    Facebook Advertising has many rules and guidelines about landing pages, appropriate targeting, image rules and many more. Hence, if you do not follow Facebook’s guidelines, your ads will certainly be rejected and do not appear on Facebook.Recently Facebook has changed the 20% text rule and it is such a big news for all marketers and Facebook advertisers which need to take note about it. Keep reading for more details!What is the 20% Text Rule?Facebook has set a rule stating that text can not make up more than 20% of the ...