Google AdWords Search

How Nexus generated 5 times of ROI and improved total of 63.27% conversion rate that eventually increases the company calls-in in from 1 to 3 calls and 4 to 8 online enquiries by weekly.


One of the best motion graphics, animation, and video production studio in Kuala Lumpur andhas been cooperate with global brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, Continental Tyres,Heineken, Accenture, AXA Insurance and more. A very innovative and creative video productionline with impressive motion graphic skills.

Objective of

Boost visibility on first Top 3.

Challenges of

  1. Has in house technical team running on website development a nd SEO however insufficient support on Search Engine Marketing especially in Google Adwords. Which they have no experience about how the things work and what will it be best keywords for them.
  2. To generate more enquiries with quality leads.
  3. Video production is competitive, and the main USP of buzzworks is motion graphic and animation video production which they wish to highlight themselves compare to others.
“Nexus has been a great working partner with super efficient and very detailed.They know how to take care of their clients and we truly appreciate that. I wouldhighly recommend Nexus for their AdWords service.”


  1. Advice on Google Search Network to gain funnel and direct target audience on corporate video production.
  2. Well research on keyword selection to achieve client's goals and objective.
  3. Create Urgency and USP on Adwords (Ad copy), to catch the eye of searchers.
  4. Keep on revise targeted keywords and settings until campaign is performing well.
  5. Eliminate on not performance location and negative keywords that is not Buzzworks USP.


Improvement with the percentage of 133.33% within 5 months of campaign
  1. Improvement of 63.27% of conversion rate.
  2. Client feedback that calls-in has eventually increase from 1 to 3 calls and 4 to 8 online enquiries by weekly.
  3. Cost effective and generated 5x times of conversion ROI.
  4. Generated potential leads.


  1. Average 1 to 3 call enquiries WEEKLY.
  2. Average 5 to 8 email enquiries WEEKLY.
  3. Better exposure and increase of sales with Google AdWords.
  4. Lower operation cost to hire salespeople.
  5. Lower operation cost on offline marketing expenses.
  6. Allocate focus on executing their service (video production, video planning, motion graphics video and etc).