Google Display Network & Website Revamp

How Nexus reached out towards 37,500,000 of audience in a month through revamping the company's website.

Brussels Beer Café

Brussels Beer Café is a great place to enjoy our variety delicious Belgian meals with excellentinterior and comfortable seating area to either to dine or to mingle around the bar. With greatenvironment of cafe.

Objective of

Google Display Network

To create awareness to bring crowd to Brussels Beer during Belgian Beer Festival

Website Revamp

A new interface of website to improve mobile responsive and user friendly.

Challenges of

  1. Improve user friendly on booking and reservation system.
  2. With similar and old design for almost 3 years without any changes and innovation.
  3. Would want to combine both Brussels beer cafe and brussels beer galerie in a webpage to perform a better message.
  4. Mobile responsive website is a requirement for a website in 2016, as their target audience are more to family oriented and young adults, Brussels would want to follow up closely with online digital marketing update.
“Ease of use since I can upload our own promotional materials onto the website anytime I want. Good reporting and follow up from the client servicing manager too!”


  1. Revamp website into both mobile responsive and user friendly.
  2. Improve the usability of reservation and include more detail of every branch of Brussels in website.
  3. Separate branch reservation will be divert to respective branch manager via website reservation.
  4. Highlight on the best drink and food in the website.
  5. Highlight on promotions in the website.


Before Revamp(homepage)

After Revamp(homepage)


Google Display Network

A month of campaign reach towards 37,500,000 of audience
Average Position: 1st position


  1. Better user experience and brand appearance of website.
  2. Lower operation cost to hire more salespeople.
  3. Lower operation cost on offline marketing expenses.
  4. Online reservation 3 - 5 calls per WEEK.
  5. Increase revenue in each branch.
  6. During campaign period of the month, revenue increased more than 3x as compare normal period of time.