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    By: Candy

    Difference between AI, ML and DL

    Artificial Intelligence (AI). Machine Learning (ML). Deep Learning (DL). You might come across these terms and you realised sometimes they are used interchangeably. In reality, they are quite different. Artificial Intelligence (AI) AI is defined as the machine’s ability to imitate human cognitive behaviour such as decision-making, learning, problem-solving and so on. Knowledge engineering is the core of AI research and development. Machines or computer systems can learn if they are fed with a big amount of data. Early AI was only able to mimic what could be an accountant’s knowledge of ...
  • By: Yoke Cheng

    Human Remains The Backbone of Machine Learning

    We are living in an exciting and innovative time with futuristic technology literally at our fingertips. It’s no secret that recently there has been momentous hype surrounding machine learning (ML) as it has evolved from a sci-fi pipe dream to reality. But, no matter how much a business integrates emerging technology into their systems, the human ...
  • rahim-min
    By: Rahim

    How Will Google Rankbrain Have An Effect On Your Rank In Search Engine?

    “For the past few months, a “very huge fraction” of the immeasurable queries a second that individuals kind into the company’s computer program are taken by an artificial intelligence system, nicknamed RankBrain.”   What ...
  • simlim-min
    By: Sim Lim

    How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2018

    This move in 2018 is also accompanied by a shift in digital marketing. New trends are entering the market and your company needs to be aware, otherwise, you may be forced to leave. As demand becomes more compelling and appealing to more customers, future digital marketing will drive new technologies as consumers demand a complete experience. The function of ...
  • pinfu-min
    By: Pin Fu

    Using Chatbots to Improve Your Website SEO

    Nowadays, a chatbot is important on the website in order to let the people participate in a conversation with the chatbot immediately to get the information. The users can interact with the chatbot in an online environment using artificial intelligence such as chatbox or other chat interfaces. Chatbots gives users a sense of speaking to a real person. Chatbot can ...