• christina
    By: Christina

    Are you ready for Google’s Mobile-Indexing

    Get Set! Go Mobile-IndexingMobile-Indexing for your website. Google has started to follow best practices for mobile first-indexing as part of their migrating sites initiatives. Crawling, indexing and the ranking system has relied on the desktop version previously, thus not being able to provide the best user experience to people ...
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    By: Candy

    100% increased in organic traffic within 6 months?

    The ProblemHow can we drive traffic to the company website? This article is a combination of 5 seo case studies from clients who faced the same issue. They have a well-designed website but, ...
  • 44129400_10217499536503984_4650856691397558272_n
    By: Candy

    To www or not to www?

    We used to see www. In the early days of the internet. It was the norm. These days, many websites are omitting the www. So, will choosing one or the other impact your website’s SEO? Will you get duplicate content issues by having both www and non-www versions? Let us take a look ...
  • 44129400_10217499536503984_4650856691397558272_n
    By: Candy

    SEO or Branding?

    Which one should you focus on? Branding or Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)? You often see experts debating about branding and SEO. Which one should businesses focus on? Many said both branding and SEO can’t work together. They can and SHOULD be done together! SEO and ...
  • 44129400_10217499536503984_4650856691397558272_n
    By: Candy

    SEO vs Rankbrain

    Hi AI, we are keeping our jobs. Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere! All the way from Siri to Amazon to Netflix. It ultimately makes completing our tasks more efficient. But, is this technology replacing our jobs? Well, no. One thing is for sure, AI can not replicate a human’s creativity - yes! The relationship between AI & SEO
  • 44129400_10217499536503984_4650856691397558272_n
    By: Candy

    6 Reasons Why You Need An E-commerce Site Now!

    Have you been thinking on why you need an e-commerce page on your website? The advancement of technology is changing the way we live our lives. Our daily routines are being digitalised one by one. In just a touch of a button, you can book a ticket for your next exciting holiday or purchase the shoes you have been dreaming ...
  • Wei Yong
    By: Wei Yong

    4 Practices To A Better Keyword Research

    The fundamental elements of search engine optimization (SEO) campaign are keyword identification and analysis. Strategies are extensively driven by keywords, whereas content and structure are designed to land users on your website by targeting the relevant and viable words or phrases that most likely to be entered by them to find information. Undoubtedly, ...
  • weixin
    By: Wei Xin

    How Much Does SEO Cost? A Rarely Answered Properly Question.

    We’ve heard how great SEO is for your business, we’ve seen companies are begging to rank well, and we’ve experienced prospects walking away from us, stating other agencies are better at pricing. It is no surprise that consumers psychologically tend to compare price tags prior to making a purchase, what’s ...
  • melissa
    By: Melissa Cheng

    SOON, Page Speed Will Be A Ranking Factor for Mobile!

    Have you ever clicked onto a website and had to wait for quite some time before a page loads? According to a study, 22 seconds is the average time needed to for a mobile landing page to fully load, but 53% of a mobile site visit is ...