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    By: Candy

    Did you play the game right on Social Media?

    5 benefits of social media marketing that business owners need to know or if you are starting your own business.
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    By: Candy

    Email Deliverability: Do you emails deliver successfully?

    Wondering why you’re not getting any replies from the emails that you sent out? The reason could be, your emails did not reach the inbox of your recipients. Where could it be? Promotion? ...
  • By: Yoke Cheng

    Creative Ways to Publish Social Media Updates

    Social media is springing up like mushrooms after rain especially in this era where almost everything is technology dependent. Of course, the main reason for this to happen is that social media is a free platform for you to publish and advertise almost anything you want.  Despite there are millions of social media users, ...
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    By: Jun

    Simple Photo and Video Editing Apps All Marketers Need

    Hi, Creative and Social Media Marketer,Marketing is an extremely crucial component in a company. With it, so comes you, the design and creative person responsible for turning dull contents into alluring visuals. Bigger organizations have their dedicated design team, but that is quite not the case for startups and small companies. Most ...
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    By: Pei Ling

    Social Media Marketing Has Become a “Need”

    Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a type of internet marketing. It is a way of marketing your business over the internet specifically on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. Social media marketing basically covers the activities like sharing of videos, images and contents for the sake of marketing.The “
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    By: Shaunica

    5 Social Media Channels Every Business Should Be Using

    For the last few years, social media presence has become significantly important for businesses over the globe. Brands strive to build their social media community and they made it as one of their marketing goals. Many brands saw the evolving marketing trends and took actions to incorporate digital marketing goals into their marketing goals. Besides, stronger internet infrastructure accompanied by the emergence of more social media platforms have given businesses the opportunity to take their marketing efforts to the next ...
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    By: Angela Thien

    3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Facebook Advertising in 2017

    Facebook Ads is powerful, even though it is slightly less powerful than superheroes!Here's why! If we advertise on Facebook, potentially, there will be around 20% of the total population who can see our ads. You may do the math.Now, let's discover what are the reasons that we should advertise on Facebook.1)Facebook has a user base of 1.49 billions members all around the world, which is larger than the overall population of China and users spend an average of 35mins a ...
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    By: Xeon

    Top 5 Fun Facts That You Might Not Know About Google

    There’s no denying that Google is the most visited website in the world, but how much did you know about it? If it is a big brand name that has stood for 18 years why not we understand more about its little fun facts! Here is a list of top 5 fun facts that you might not know about Google in no particular order. Every 60 seconds there are approximately 2 millions searches done by users worldwide.
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    By: Jess

    LinkedIn Launches Conversion Tracking On Its Site

    LinkedIn has finally caught up with other social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, by allowing sponsored content and text ads on LinkedIn to be traced using conversion tracking, providing advertisers a better insights on the impact of the campaign, particularly, observing on the audiences who lead to greatest conversion value to their business. While announcing this new feature, LinkedIn explains that the new conversion tracking can allow marketers to understand better their unique audience characteristics, which include the seniority, ...