By: Elaine

    Why you should invest in Marketing as a Service in 2020?

    What is marketing? In many businesses today, we know the importance of marketing but is marketing actually measurable? Many are asking on how do we measure the KPI of marketing.  As many organizations struggle in finding the proper measurement of these, they are constantly bombarded with new marketing concepts and ideas to generate leads that ...
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    By: Raashini

    Are You Exploring YouTube For Business?

    If you are keen on exploring YouTube as a platform for your business, you are at the right place.  Research illustrates how video, by nature, engages readily with prospects by  having them yearning about what happens next, before compelling them to take action. Matter of fact, ...
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    By: Candy

    SEO or Branding?

    Which one should you focus on? Branding or Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)? You often see experts debating about branding and SEO. Which one should businesses focus on? Many said both branding and SEO can’t work together. They can and SHOULD be done together! SEO and ...
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    By: Candy

    SEO vs Rankbrain

    Hi AI, we are keeping our jobs. Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere! All the way from Siri to Amazon to Netflix. It ultimately makes completing our tasks more efficient. But, is this technology replacing our jobs? Well, no. One thing is for sure, AI can not replicate a human’s creativity - yes! The relationship between AI & SEO
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    By: Wei Xin

    Video Marketing : A Storytelling Approach

    Reminiscing the commercials and clips you have watched in the past, which one(s) are still residing in your memory? Thailand ads perhaps? Or videos that triggered you sympathetic instinct? It is no surprise that we tend to remember or even name videos that integrate storytelling as a communication tool with audience. Human are social creatures; people are allured to stories; and we ...