Consumer Behaviour Online

Currently living in 2019, I suppose it wouldn’t be a surprise if I were to straight-out hand it to you that we, as consumers, are mostly impacted through the Internet and its digital technologies. 

With the presence of an ever-growing platform, increasingly adapting to new trends and arrivals, I could now daringly point out that consumer behaviour have also changed tremendously within these past few years after the arrival of digital media. 

People generally are more digitalised, where they process multiple information from various sources at one-go, and this makes them perceive the world very differently than before. 

Having social media, mobile devices at hand, and apps clearly have contributed to consumers decision making process by reducing their natural search costs and providing alternatives efficiently to consider.


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And how does this happen? 

While the Internet gives multiple opportunities to choose from, many do not realize it also takes personal information to enable the search pulling. It derives searches from our online identities; name, age, location, interests or purchasing activities – contributing the data to advertisers and other relevant agencies.

Marketing today is fed with real-time behavioural data and consumer segment based on online purchase patterns to be able to target relevant individuals with specific advertisements for the near future. 

With consumption being a public activity today, consumer behaviour has generally enlarged to multiple layers and forms within the online platform. Listed below are a few examples of how the Internet and online platforms have changed consumer behaviour of late.


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1) Online banking and shopping 

With most banking and shopping industries embracing digital change, we are now able to do our transactions faster, online rather than queueing up at the bank or store. We are given opportunities to choose from various platforms, payment methods, to locations that benefits us a consumer and makes running our daily errands easier than before.

2) Use of social media platforms

By using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube and etc., consumers are learning to expose themselves to new digital adventures such as networking, shopping activities online, marketing new products, starting e-businesses, learning new social trends and keeping themselves updated to news around them.

3) Not afraid to try new things

Consumers are not afraid to experiment or try new things like before. They feel more free trying a new product/platform out by checking for reviews, comments and how others have reacted to it over time. The Internet provides people the sources to search, compare to and react which has made consumers readily available and more accepting to making decisions compared to before.

4) Switching behaviour

Instead of sticking to one, consumers these days can easily switch to any other brands/platforms which provide better returns or benefits as a whole. People tend not to stay loyal to one unless if it meets their needs and is sustainable for them for a long haul. Consumers are presented with so many options to choose from from a day-to-day basis. They always prefer to go with the latest products/trends which is clearly impacted by social impression as well.

As you know it, digital presence have transformed the way people search, decide and act on a daily basis.

For those who are embracing digital change, you will notice how online growth has empowered us as smart consumers. You are given the opportunity to overcome any obstacle with a solid solution just by running through your search online. 

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