Creative Ways to Publish Social Media Updates

Creative Ways to Publish Social Media Updates

Social media is springing up like mushrooms after rain especially in this era where almost everything is technology dependent. Of course, the main reason for this to happen is that social media is a free platform for you to publish and advertise almost anything you want.  Despite there are millions of social media users, it can be difficult for you to maintain user engagement, as even experienced social marketers sometimes face the same circumstance too. But worry not, we are here to ensure you have the tips to secure top users’ engagement

Here are the four useful tips to better improve user engagement. Do share it. Who knows, you might help a friend out!

1. Inspirational Quotes

One of the most popular methods used today is quotes, whether they are for attention-grabbing, inspiration or merely for fun. As long as users enjoy reading them, you get a plus point. People like to be inspired and share motivational images. So, in order to stand out from the others, instead of just posting a boring quote with no design, try to dress it up with a picture or some fun, bright and creative text.

2. Book Recommendations

This is not something a lot of people will think of as we often get caught up in promoting only articles on social media, and you know what, we are all tired of that as this tactic is way too common bruhhhh. Try throwing in a book that you recently read or any book that you love. Allow your audience to dive into your overwhelming passion and see what happens. I bet you will get more comments and interaction with your reader than you used to!

3. Lighthearted Posts

There is no need for your post to be so serious but instead, a little humor goes a long way. Most social media welcome humor and offbeat updates which can help to diffuse awkward situations. Jokes, funny images and other lighthearted posts usually go well with users and end up with increased engagement. Keep an eye out for funny posts and images that can make your audience laugh.

4. Reply Messages

Don’t forget to reply messages. I know it’s extremely easy to forget to check for comments after postings, what more to say about replying those comments, but bear in mind that no social network is a one-way medium. We can’t deny that when you respond to the comments, you are likely to get even more interaction from your readers. Besides, responding quickly and politely may capture your reader’s loyalty. So, remember to check the comments left on your social media page at least once a day.