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Have you ever thought of approximately how many people are searching on Google nowadays?

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Pay-Per-Click Service

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Google AdWords Management

Google Ads Management

The evolving and rising competition of paid ads in search engine have encouraged a more customer-centric or data-driven approach to achieve better campaign results while lowering the cost-per-click (CPC).

Understanding and learning the target customer profiles from all aspects and interactions made from search to conversion, help your business to grow exponentially.
Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

With more than 1.13 billion daily active users worldwide, Facebook advertising offers an unique targeting features that ensure flexible targeting location, audience group and ads budget.

Our Facebook marketing strategist understands your business and plans out the most suitable strategy for your Facebook campaign. We help you to reach out your target audience, build your brand and drive conversions.
LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn brings your business to the professional audiences in different industries. With its unique platform, your business and marketing message are likely to be seen by the professionals that you are targeting.

We plan out an effective strategy to grow your professional business image within the business network and drive high-quality leads from your campaign.
Youtube Advertising

YouTube Advertising

YouTube is ranked as the 2nd largest search engine with more than 3 billion searches a month. By understanding your marketing objectives, we run a tailor-made YouTube Ads campaign to enhance your brand growth, lead generation and sales.

We conduct an ongoing campaign monitoring and analysis for your campaign to drive the best results, maximize the return on investment (ROI) and brand exposure.
Pay-Per-Click Service

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PPC questions that you might be curious about

Different industries have a different spending scheme. We conduct an analysis on your industry and propose a suitable budget for you to start with your PPC campaign. Talk to us and our consultants will provide you with professional advices.
Our PPC expertise will relook into your campaign and evaluate the problems. Once we have identified the underspent problems, which could be too niched targeting, low click-through-rate (CTR) etc, then we would further advise you on the next possible strategy that we would implement.
At Nexus, we formulate an action plan for you, it includes in-depth analysis on client’s business and we come up with targeting strategies based on time, location, behavior demographic and more. With our ongoing monitoring and optimization for your campaign, we ensure that your message is delivered to the right audience with the product/service/information that they are looking for. Hence, you would be able to anticipate their needs before others do.
Continuous clicks without further action on your ads will be detected as fake clicks, which Google refers as invalid clicks. These clicks will not be counted against your ad spend and Google has their smart technology to identify the invalid clicks and remove them from your ads account. Hence, your competitors are not able to click you out of business.