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Gopinath Mahendran, Head of IT and Digital Marketing in Dscaff Group

Nexus has helped us with their world-class marketing analysis and their PPC campaign helped us reach a lot of our target audience.

What Google Ads can offer you

Get Results Almost Immediately
Google Ads will start driving traffic to your website the moment the setup is completed and your ads are approved by Google. Besides, you will be at the top of the 1st page of Google Search Result almost instantly. We will make sure every cent counts by optimising your campaign for conversion.

Build Your Online Presence And Increase Conversion
Sit back and watch your website traffic explode and your customer base growing like never before. Google receives over 3 billion searches, looking for answers to their problems. Your business could be one of the solutions to some of these problems. Through Google Ads, you can bring in new business opportunities almost immediately.

Google Ads Service

Google Search Ads

Place your ads on Search Engine Results Page (SERP) so that your prospects can find you when they search for businesses like yours.

Google Display Ads

Display ads allow you to engage your prospects with appealing ad formats at while they are browsing their favourite sites.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing ads are ads that are shown to people who have recently visited your website but left without any actions to increase conversions.

PPC Management Process

Identify Keyword Opportunities for your business

We will do thorough keywords research and identify a list of potential keywords that are suitable for your business. These keywords are based on the search terms that your prospects use when searching for businesses like yours.

Analyse Your Competitors

We will closely compare and evaluate your ads with your competitors’ so that we can develop better strategies for your campaign.

Ad Creation & Campaign Setup

Develop effective texts ads that target a specific group of keywords. Then we will proceed to campaign set up and voila! Your campaign is running, reaching billions of internet users.

Monitoring & Optimising Your Campaign

We will constantly monitor your campaign’s performance. Through that, we are able to detect any issue immediately and take the necessary actions to maintain or improve the performance.

Reporting & Communication

We will prepare monthly reports as well as all-time report for you to review. Besides, we will install conversion tracking for your campaigns. You will know the number of conversions that your campaigns are generating.

Our Case Studies

Best Borneo Sdn Bhd, Travel & Tours Agency


Cost Per Click Decreased


Cost Per Conversion Decreased


Click Through Rate Increased

Award Winning Developer
Suntrack Development Sdn Bhd


Conversion Increased


Click Through Rate Increased


Cost Per Click Decreased

Production Studio, Buzzworks Animation


Conversion Increased


ROI Increased

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