Digital Transformation With A Traditional Twist

Digital Transformation With A Traditional Twist

Imagine a new brand journey shaping from marketing, and this transformation doesn’t include conventional advertising anymore. A quick search online on the “death of advertising” and ongoing speculations of traditional media agencies going extinct will likely shock you, however, it also serves as a reminder to start marketing in a more powerful and effective way. Ranging from digital media businesses to big data, the intersection of technology, media, and consumerism continues to shift and evolve. But to take advantage of this shift, it is very important to change your conventional mindset first.

On that note, we want to introduce you to Angie, who has recently joined us at Nexus Mediaworks International Sdn. Bhd. as our Corporate Communications Associate. Coming from a conventional advertising background herself, she mentions how the shift of advertising to digital marketing is not easy and a bumpy one. On a daily note, she mentions how she musters up the courage to take a step forward to learn about the digital world. The gradual transition eventually enforces her to deliver creatives at a broader and more flexible level compared to her previous roles among most above-the-line (ATL) media. 

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When questioned how different is conventional advertising to digital marketing, her response was, “Traditional creatives are exceptional, but it comes with plenty of effort. Multi-tasking, collaborating and most importantly, attention to details. We have to admit there are high chances of inconsistency when it comes to design direction over the long haul of the project. Not to mention, most creatives are expanded only for a short time span instead of the long run.” Reaching almost two years within the industry, she has also noticed how most traditional agencies rumoured falling behind would eventually convert into a hybrid service provider. 

She recognised the need for digital change and decided to embark on the transition herself. First week into her digital job and she was offered to attend Wild Digital SEA 2019 at Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur. A two-day conference with digital tech industry’s top players, she manages to gather exposure of recent digital expansion among multinational companies (MNCs) and small medium enterprises (SMEs) in Southeast Asia. The whole event was said to be purely powerful, immersive and upbeat until the very end!

Her personal story of digital transition should enable us to see that change always starts from within. Making the transition between conventional to digital is definitely a bumpy journey with major cultural shift. Instead of busy looking to establish digital platforms on the outside, companies should spend more time investing in their people’s culture, hearts and minds, before technology.

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