Egg Shell or Bomb Shield? An Information about Web’s Security for Confidentiality

Uncommon to many, the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate is a security protocol which securing the data that’s transferring between computer and server. A website without SSL Certificate usually is vulnerable and granted effortless access to unauthorized person – confidential information may be on leakage. Effective from January ‘17, Google announced that Chrome will label those websites without SSL Certificate as “not secure” and visitors will be warned that their private information may be disclosed.


Instead of Google, tech titans like Firefox and Safari also pay much concerns on those websites without SSL Certificate and they will as well label them as “not secure” or similar. It indicates that if your website is without SSL Certificate, your visitor / customer will likely turn away because their sensitive information is not secured; especially to those websites that may contain purchase transaction services. It’s a crucial responsibility and yet it has become standardized for every website to set up for SSL Certificate in order to protect the communication and data from corruption and hackage; SSL Certificate determine if your website is shielded of egg shell or bomb shield.

To indicate the differences between a secured website and a non-secured one, Google Chrome Browser will show a green padlock icon in the address bar beside of HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) and a red triangle with exclamation mark icon for a non-secured website – HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). Similar icons will also be shown in the address bar of other web browsers, for example Firefox & Safari, and they as well given notable announcement.

Whether if you have not setup SSL Certificate for your website or if you are stuck, you may need to contact Nexus Mediaworks for more information. Do not leave the matter unsettled! Otherwise your customer / visitor may likely turn away before they proceed further into your website!

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