Embracing Digital As Part of Our Life

Embracing Digital As Part of Our Life

Quick question: What pops up in your mind when someone asks you, “What’s the difference between life now and 20 years back?” 

One word, digital.

20 years ago, we used to send SMS, MMS, Video Call  or Blackberry Messenger (BBM). Remember those keypads? Texting while not looking at the phone? Think for a second how do we text someone today? The use of WhatsApp is pretty much on the rise among people these days. We use it so much, up to the point, we easily convey one to another “Whatsapp me”.

Not just WhatsApp, today, we have everything at the tip of our fingertips. E-wallet, messaging, work, transportation and so on. 

No matter where you are, digital transformation is happening and it is crucial for you to embrace and be part of the transformation. Same goes to your business.

Embracing Digital Transformation

Transformation is difficult, scary even, but necessary. In order to kick start digital transformation within your organisation, you need to position the right person for the right roles. Hiring people with digital skills such as software development, IT and marketing, as well as equipping the current employees with digital skills are essential for the growth of the organisation.

So, where should you start?

Take some time to consider what you want to offer to your customers, stakeholders and internal employees. Plan out a systematic transition using cloud-native and open-source technologies which are readily available to facilitate the overall change. 

Take a look at Disney for instance. This entertainment giant initiated its digital transformation by acquiring other companies. They started with BAMTech for streaming technology, followed by the acquisition of 21st Century Fox, so that they can reach the consumers directly rather than relying on distributors and advertisers. During that period, Disney also managed to acquire some assets and characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Seeing positive responses from the audience towards streaming services such as Netflix, Disney eventually acquired online streaming services uphold its competitive edge within the entertainment industry. 

Digital Transformation, A Continuous Process

Change is inevitable. In order to stay ahead of competition, organisations need to constantly be up to date with the latest digital technology and be responsive to change. They must acknowledge the fact that their competitors will always find ways to provide a better service to their customers.

 Getting consultation from an experienced digital marketer would be a good choice to obtain valuable insights on how to kick start the digital transformation in your company. 

So, if you are ever wondering what sort of services would suit your organisation better in digital growth, we are here to guide you and your company with the right strategy.

Photo credits go to geralt / 20086 images