Are You Engaging With The Right PPC Agency?

Are You Engaging With The Right PPC Agency?

Data never lie! Year after year, the search engine marketing industry keeps on extending at double-digit growth rates. With everyone racing to the web to advertise, your space in the PPC sector is imperative.

Getting the right advertising agency to run your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign is crucial as it determine your company’s ROI. Ask yourself. Have you spent enough time in getting know your agency? How well do you know about their workflow? There are some factors you need to consider before engaging a right PPC agency, just sit and and read through the article and you will find out that how well you understand about your agency.

First thing you need to find out about is – Are they Google Adwords certified?
Everyone wants to work with the best, so ensure the agencies you consider are at least AdWords certified. This prove that they’ve taken the time to comprehend PPC advertising and willing to prove it by passing Google’s AdWords program, which requires to answer more than hundred questions with respect to Search and Display advertising, AdWords marketing platform, and strategies behind effective campaign optimization. Certifications do not guarantee competence, somehow, they do show a certain level of professionalism when the agency requires it of their employees.

Then, Transparency is a must
You deserve complete, unaltered transparency with respect to each part of your campaign. Google requires their partners to share all expenses and execution of all Google ad campaign. The ideal path for you to have access to this data is to maintain complete and administrative ownership over your account. Without this ownership, the numbers you are given by a third-party agency, may not be precise, can be either accidentally or with intention. Your choice of agency should be providing transparency into each ad account, landing page, expenses, execution indicator from your PPC campaigns.

Do you know that Looking for strategists is more important than choosing for an account manager?
Pay-Per-Click management turning out to be to a greater extent a commodity, a lot of agencies only about to hire account managers and never consider the strategies that must go into a winning PPC campaign.

By the day’s end, any individual with thumbs and half a heartbeat can gather up the low-hanging fruit in PPC. What makes the world different is having a solid strategies for sustained execution and improvement within your campaigns. Be sure the agencies you choose have a systematic approach and strategies to continue showing results after all the low-hanging fruit has been assembled.

A proven records is Needed.
Not only should agencies have a proven records as shown by the outcomes they’ve given their customers, however they should have proven their track records as well by building their own business the way they plan to build yours. There are some agencies out there that set up a smoke screen to be seen but they truly aren’t. For instance, agencies that appear to be local based but works proven was done overseas.

Your agency need to do more than just drive clicks.
Clicks cost you money, but conversion make you money. If an organization recommends that clicks will be their primary metric as measurement to success, forget about it! Pay-Per-Click means that clicks are what you pay for, yet they’re not what pays you. An agency’s should not only concern on driving clicks, as well as on converting those clicks at the highest rate possibility and transforming clicks into customers. As a good agency will always talk more about:

– Get the right traffic, at the right place, in the perfect time, with the right message.
– Convert those clicks using custom, dynamic landing pages and conversion rate optimization.
– Have the analytics in place to determine accurately the ROI of various segments of your campaigns?

Life is too short to work with people you don’t like
If your agency is not enjoyable to work with, don’t work with them. People always say that life is too short to work with people you don’t like. Be sure that the agency you choose are enjoyable to converse with, fun to work with, and know how to get job done. There must be have a balance between work and fun, however if that balance leans too far in either side, expect disaster.

As a side note, Nexus Mediaworks are proud to be one of the certified Google AdWords Premier Partners in Malaysia. We ensure that we strive to achieve the highest level of servicing you in managing your AdWords Campaign, also we focus on strategies more than driving clicks. Taking honesty as our main principle, Nexus Mediaworks is being completely transparent of your AdWords campaign and will keep you updated with your campaign performance regularly. So, why not engage with the expert and we will deliver and manage your business in the most cost efficient and effective way while you focus more on your business!