Google Ads: Capture Your Mobile Shoppers

Google Ads: Capture Your Mobile Shoppers

Google Ads announced new metrics for a successful mobile-targeted campaign.

As consumers today tend to turn to their mobile devices for inspiration, information, and final purchases, Google Ads is making changes to improve its search results for mobile searchers. Below are the 4 key strategies to create a strong mobile campaign.

  1. Create a mobile-friendly landing page How to achieve it?
    – Use mobile responsive web design
    – Optimise page loading speed
    – Remove pop-ups and other interstitials
    – Provide a one-click purchasing process with autofill sections

  2. Make your mobile campaign stand out How to achieve it?
    – Optimise your bid for mobile
    – Provide local information (if you have a physical store)
    – Include promotions, offers, product ratings and many more to attract your consumers.

  3. Evaluate your mobile campaign
    – Look and evaluate your own campaign on mobile
    – Research on your competitors who are running mobile campaigns for improvement
    – Evaluate your consumer purchase journey
    – Study your consumer behaviour

  4. Keep yourself up-to-date with the latest mobile trends
    – Use Consumer Barometer to learn more about your consumer
    – Know the latest news and insight about mobile advertising
    – Put yourself in your consumer shoes by trying searching on mobile
(Source: Google Ads Help Center)