Find out now what Google knows about you!

Believe it or not? Google may know you better than some of your companion buddy!

The eye-popping amount of data Google knows about users can now be accessed in an “My Activity” page.

Remember, this walk down memories is more than what Google search. For individuals, this trove of data includes everything from their Chrome browsing history and searches to different Android activity.

Google improved its Gmail security features:

Google needs users to take control of the information and choose what they want to connected with their account.

Much of this information is valuable to Google, because it permits the search giant to tailor a “speedier, smarter and usable” experience, a message on the new portal has clarified. However, the page permits users to search by keywords, date, products and services to discover particular search or entire theme they wish to erase from their accounts.

After manicuring your advanced history to your liking, stride over to Activity Controls to tweak the settings that you need moving ahead.

While much of this data has been accessible before, the new page makes it simpler to browse your history in one spot. The personal Google review comes as the company takes off new personalized ads settings across applications and sites that partner with Google. instead of automatically opting all users into the new element, Google is rather requesting users to concur or quit through the “my Activity” page.

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