The Future of Marketing with Machine Learning (Artificial Intelligent)

Machine learning is making big changes in the world of digital marketing with its ability to process a large amount of data and making use of it. With the right amount of data, machine learning was given the capacity to respond quickly and precisely at the moments of customer behaviour changes, thus it brings forth the next-generation of customer experience. Moreover, every digital marketing tool will try to implement some form of machine learning into their products that takes us to a whole new level on what marketers can do to enhance customer relationships.

Here’s a glimpse of what machine learning can do for future of marketing & SEO practice!

A Very Personalised Customer Journey

Marketers have been trying for years to create a very personalised customer journey but sadly unsuccessful due to content has always been deliver manually. Manually delivered content, not only lead to missed timed appearance but also establish an unfavorable perception towards the content because we are not aware of what the consumer need at that stage of the journey. With machine learning arrived on the scene, no prior system came close to the level of responsivity that machine learning delivers. Consumers can see changes in offer by the minute based on the vast virtually data based on their behaviors created for machines to process. At every step of customer journey, machine learning can provide a very personalized engagement from brand awareness till conversion. With enough data, the potential of machines learning that are able to build upon in customer journey can be tailored down to a single individual in the near future.

Visual Recognition on Social Media

As we know visual media are powerful engagement tools for social media. The challenges always has been finding the most compelling visual images that the users responding to. Every images offer a lot of valuable information on consumer behaviors and preferences, especially for building brand awareness and consumer trust. With machine learning comes into play, software like image recognition can be automated into searching specific scenes, objects and characteristics through vast amount of images. With these data in hands, businesses could determine the most common location where their product is consumed such as the gym, park or in the office. Moreover, it can learn how people are responding to a specific marketing decision based on product placement. As a result, future content marketing using images become even more viable and many of the decision making can be based on reliable data based on consumer behavior and preference.

Robot Content

In 2018, we might foresee artificial intelligent play a huge part of content creation and be used to connect with our audiences. Creating high-quality content may not up to their capabilities just yet. But with the right amount of resource, AI able to learn and take over a larger chunk of the creation process. With machine assisting in the content creation, it contributes tremendously to research, outcome tracking and microtargeting. This eventually lead to actual means of sentiment analysis, marketers can come up with the right information to convey at the right situation that maximizes the potential outcome. Not to mention, the data obtained along with sentiment analysis,  machine learning can bring the next evolution of chatbot and voice/text communications.

The Key to Marketing Prophecy

Over the years, marketers have been yearning for the possibility of marketing prophecy and forecasting. In reality, most of the marketing plans are based on trends and purchasing pattern of the consumer. With the arrival of machine learning, it offers something more definite for decision-makers with the vast possibility of delivering the needs, right before the customer know they want it. Although this effort is not a complete prophecy, they are reinforced by concrete data. As machine learning continues to evolve, forecasting marketing future may yet to become a reality.

This is Just The Beginning

This is just a scratch on the surface on how machine learning can do in the future of marketing. As, AI continues to grow faster and progressively becoming more sophisticated, the direction of digital marketing is pointing towards the world of automation where machine learning is the main driving force. So the main question is, are you ready to embrace to change?

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