Google Soon To Penalize Mobile Sites With Intrusive Pop-Ups, Starting from January 2017.

Google will rank mobile websites that display irritating pop-up advertisements and different distractions lower in its search results starting early next year.

The move is proposed to combat jolting encounters that sometimes force themselves upon users when they’re exploring to a page on their mobile devices that Google marks as “mobile-friendly.” Those surprise include demonstrating a popup that covers the main content of the page, showing an alert bubble or other components that the user must dismiss and setting content “beneath the fold,” obliging users to scroll down.

“Pages that show intrusive interstitials give a poorer affair to user than other pages where content is immediately respond,” Google product manager Doantam Phan wrote in a blog entry. “This can be problematic on mobile devices where screens are always smaller. To enhance the mobile search experience, after 10th January 2017, pages where content is not mobile friendly to a user on the transition may not rank as high as other.”

As a part of the search algorithm changes, Google will be retiring the mobile friendly label as well. It says more than 85 percent of sites as of now showed in its mobile search results meet the necessities. Sites that don’t will be positioned lower in the results.

The changes could conceivably affect a huge number of standard sites. For example, often displayed a full-screen ads for its application on the mobile version of its site, requiring users to scroll down in order to read reviews.

As for January’s changes will not be penalizing mobile pop-ups that Google determines to be unintrusive or give a public service. Those include pop-ups advising users of a site’s cookies policy, verification pop-ups for sites with repulsive content.

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