Google’s is Nearing a Big Response to the Ad Blocking Problem

Given the current conversation around the need for advertising industry to deal with the rise of ad blocking problem. In fact, Google advertising is their primary revenue source. The global growth of blocking ads continues to increase since 2013.

Digiday reported earlier this week saying that Google is exploring the formation of an “acceptable ads policy” for the digital ad formats.

One executive, with knowledge of the early discussions about the policy, said Google possibly would partner with other technology companies in the field of ad blocking — to help implement a white label acceptable ads algorithm.
Google’s Senior Vice President of Ads & Commerce, Sridhar Ramaswamy acknowledged the problem and stated that ad blocking is a user problem.

“It’s happening because users have ads that slow down their pages,” he stated and further explained that this is a bad problem on mobile. Ramaswamy believes the online advertising industry can be better with a policy or a standard. Not just a Google Solution, it can be an industry-wide solution with necessary credibility.

“This has to be seen as a fair industry standard rather than something Google is pushing,” He added.

Ramaswamy said late last year: “There needs to be more of a sustainable ad standard that we voluntarily define, and things in that standard should not get blocked. I think this is essential to us all for survival.”

Now Google’s actual announcement is near. Although Google declined to comment on the issue of ad blocking, pointing us to past quotes from their executives. The discussions have likely moved on since the source was privy to Google.

Stay tuned for more information! Our team of digital marketing strategist will make sure we keep up to the latest updates.

Source from Business Insider & Techcrunch


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