Hide those negative comments, shall we?

Hide those negative comments, shall we?

It is an ultimate horror! Are the negative comments turning your potential customers away? Noticed how that one terrible complaint is hurting your business? Fret not, you are not the only one.

Past research found that two-thirds of customers form their opinion of a business after reading just four reviews! Hence, handling it the right way is more crucial than ever.

Let's break it down.

Step 1: Manage and Apologise

It is normal to mess up sometimes. Take a deep breath and understand that no one can receive 100% 5-star reviews. Try taking the conversation offline and tell them that you are sorry and that you would like to ensure the best experience forward.

Step 2: Handle the situation professionally

Plan your actions for recovery and communicate with the client until it is solved, urgently. Show that you are capable of responding professionally and you might be able to turn the situation around.

Step 3: Suggest removal of review

After working hard to ensure that the issue is resolved and respective actions are taken to ensure that it does not happen again, reach out to the customer and suggest for the review to be taken down or for them to respond on the review by saying that it is resolved.

Potential customers will view you as trustworthy, and current customers will keep coming back as you build their trust!

Alternative step: When should you delete the review?

Reviews exist as a forum for public opinion, as a suggestion for potential customers to convince or steer them away from dealing with your company. Hence, no good websites will delete your review without a valid reason. However, a review can be reported to be removed if it does not follow the guidelines of the website. A fake review, those with malicious intent, and spammy reviews can be removed.

Bring it on, reviews!