How To Leverage Your Businesses Online

How To Leverage Your Businesses Online

If you’re a marketer, you would know how much of a hassle it is to discover the right channels for your business especially online. 

Typically, a marketer spends most of his/her time finding hot new social channels for engagement in order to get clients attracted to their business. 

Although it is important for marketers to seek for interesting trends and newly developed platforms, however their utmost priority should still be their older thriving platforms.

And if you were to come across a potentially new platform, say like Tik Tok, which is relatively quite successful with a fast-growing user base, allocate an hour or so at the end of every month to look into potential platforms and how it could be beneficial to you as a business. 

Experiment by brainstorming and scheduling a few experimental posts before fully deploying your marketing plan into the platform. 

But are you sure if that specific platform works for you? Be sure to use the time wisely to experiment on the right platforms.

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So how can you know which platforms are worth your time for experimentation? Here are a few questions you should ask yourselves:

What are the platforms active user numbers?

It is crucial to figure out if the platform is gaining momentum and have the chances to engage you with a large pool of users especially the ones you have in mind for your business.

Are publications or digital influencers using or discussing it?

By having prominent leaders or publications speaking or writing about it, the platform could be promising enough to try.

Does the new platform have bigger user base and tools compared to your older platforms?

In comparison, if an older platform has the same amount of user base and tools, you might want to think again before leveraging into a new one. As an example, although Snapchat initially introduced stories, however most users prefer using Instagram stories instead as they prefer a more trusting and understanding interface and experience.

If you were to promote your brand, what type of content ideas would you bring to this new platform?

Have you thought about your action plan of why and how you will be launching your business online? Having a clear thought process of why you are considering the platform would help you market your product to the right target audience, while trying different posting strategies will make your brand look creative and bold among other online users.

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Above all that, another important factor to consider before setting up a new platform would be to determine if you are a business-to-business (B2B) marketer or a business-to-consumer (B2C) marketer. 

If you’re a B2B business, you can focus your efforts on the following social channel. LinkedIn as a channel would be able to pack a bigger punch and engage in more potential customers for your services. This platform provides great business opportunities by creating leads, publishing content and promotes the idea to stay connected, easily.

And if you are in a B2C business, you can use Facebook to grow your brand. This social channel has one of the highest number of active users, offering endless engagement opportunities like encouraging audience to like, share and comment variety of posting options, targeting people from specific demographic, location or even interests and even improving brand awareness, post reach and campaign performance along the way.

If ultimately you still can’t decide which platform fits your business better, stay tuned for our upcoming articles on which social channels suits B2B and B2C best and how you can use them for your future marketing campaigns.