The Impact of Righteous Designs Toward Branding

When many claimed that design is just about aesthetic, what they didn’t realise were designs are much about branding and they can be a sustainable business advantage. Taking the scenario in the picture above: no matter how the icon is altered, however most of us still able to recognise the world renowned Google Chrome logo. Do you now see the powerful impact of righteous design towards branding?

Design Makes Branding & Company Memorable

We all only have one chance to strike for the first impression; regardless of website or logo placements, our potential clients are able and usually will judge with few seconds thought based on our visual appeals. Furthermore, the same logo, colours and typefaces will make your brand and company instant recognisable wherever they are placed.

The righteous designs and placements give ourselves and clients the consistency of branding: they will then become iconic of our business nature and make them memorable – which as well later translate into recognition and sales.

Design Tells Story

Taking righteous designs into consideration of branding and placements, the concept of design for a variety of industries may be varied and probably dramatic in contrast, however, it holds true in more nuanced ways as well. For example, WeShot Video Marketing, an SME with a short history rooted in Puchong, has finely detailed their logo and media elements – focused in videography and shooting equipment’s; their orange and white colour scheme suggested the feels of joy and creativity – we may then able to guess the services they provide. That indicated the thoughtful and righteous design evokes the right image in customers’ mind.


Creativity can be a differentiator

Every business shares one thing in common – competition. A company may stand out in the ways of pricing, quality, services and something else. However, never neglect righteous designs help your company stand tall above the rest too. Creativity in our branding and designs is one way of the visual marketing plans which as well give our brand uniqueness and opportunity that outshine our competitors. On the flip side, professional graphic designs can strengthen our branding – making us reliable and professional. Even just a small startup of good graphic design can make us look established and reliable.

Good design reaches and appeals your audience

It’s good to have a slick website; it’s even better if a slick website converts! Design isn’t just about making things look pretty; great designer organizes and presents your information in persuasive ways to your targeted audience. A fine designed website even may direct visitors to take action, like clicking on the provided “Buy” button for instance.

For conclusion, a good and professional graphic design has potential to deliver measurable results for businesses.