What you have to know on 2018 Digital Trend!

So 2017 is over and here comes 2018. Everyone has their new year resolutions, like start gym, be a better self, a company with new vision & mission, and of course, Google has their new trend that based on last year’s Google Search trend. Now let’s talk about how much fun and what is the 2018 search trends will bring.

Mobile Searches

Have you ever noticed your search result is different when you search on your phone as compared to your computer? It is all because Google rolled out the mobile-first index, which is means that Google will rank the pages based on the mobile version page. How they evaluate it you must have asked. Google evaluate the site by determining the page loading time, time to navigate from page to page, information and the MOST IMPORTANT THING, it has to be MOBILE RESPONSIVE.

Voice Search

What is voice search? If you’ve never come across this function is your phone, you might wanna test it out now by going into, click on the microphone in the search bar.

What you need to know about 2018

Or you may download the Google Voice Search app to your phone.

It allows you to do your searches by speaking to your phone and computer, and you’ll get your answer. Besides that, Google also came out with a device called Google Home that works and function same as the Voice Search for your phone and computer. Research says that there are 28% of people believe that voice search is much more accurate and convenient as users are able to search while driving and or when you are unable to type.

The last but not at least!

Visual Search

Visual search is used when someone is actually looking for something yet they do not know how or what does the object looks like. Do you realize Google added a new function that allows users to upload an image to enable searchers to search for the pictures that they desire? You may try it at, upload an image, TA-DAAAA, you’ll be getting the answer that you are looking for, it will also show you all the matching products.

It overall similar to voice search, but it makes things up in online easily, conveniently and straightforward to others.

Do you search by voice or image? If you don’t, try it out now, it is much convenient and easy with these features! We would also be very open to hearing what other trends you’ve heard about or noticed about. Let us know what are your thoughts.

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