LinkedIn Launches Conversion Tracking On Its Site

LinkedIn Launches Conversion Tracking On Its Site

LinkedIn has finally caught up with other social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, by allowing sponsored content and text ads on LinkedIn to be traced using conversion tracking, providing advertisers a better insights on the impact of the campaign, particularly, observing on the audiences who lead to greatest conversion value to their business.

While announcing this new feature, LinkedIn explains that the new conversion tracking can allow marketers to understand better their unique audience characteristics, which include the seniority, industry, job function, and company size of the generated leads.

There are 450 millions of people with different professions has connected with LinkedIn globally. Thereby, the benefits of using this new feature include drive better campaign results, produce high-quality leads, acquire new customers and increase brand engagement among these global audiences.

What can LinkedIn conversion tracking do? Advertisers can now choose conversion type that they matter most. Those conversion types include:
– Lead
– Purchase
– Sign Up
– Add-To-Cart
– Download
– Install
– Key Page View
– Others

Advertiser can also track every conversion from desktop to mobile devices, providing data based on the new seven conversion tracking metric on LinkedIn, which consist of:
– Conversions: The total frequency of people took the desired action after clicking on or seeing  your ad.
– Post-click conversions: The click rate on your ad(s) that led to a conversion.
– View through conversions: The impression rate of your ad(s) that led to a conversion.
– Conversion rate: The percentage of clicks that led to a conversion.
– Cost per conversion: The average spending amount on each conversion.
– Total conversion value: The total monetary value of all conversions.
– Return on ad spend: The percentage of revenue gained for every amount spent.

Feeling excited with LinkedIn new conversion tracking? Do not hesitate to try it out now in order to enhance your business performance.

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