How to measure emotion in customer experience to improve loyalty


Do you know your customers’ feelings about your company’s experience? Customer sentiment may compromise or improve customer’s perception of overall experience and business growth. The customer’s mood will affect whether you will lose or retain them, whether or not they are more or less purchased from you, and whether they will spread good or bad reputation about your company.


Measuring emotions – understanding all the tools and methods that are claimed – it is difficult. More importantly, for the trustworthiness of emotional measurements, deep-seated scepticism dominates the organization, making it difficult to obtain the purchase of emotional indicators.

However, you can learn a lot from the company that measures the emotions of the customer.


1. Define indicators that help measure the key emotions of influential experience.

First, define the key emotions and experiences that have a significant impact on customer relationships. Then, define the emotional indicators. In a recent interview, almost all of the Customer Experience (CX) who measured emotions were pursuing rather than real-time. This is because it is easier and adds value. For the same reason, many people began to measure positive or negative emotions, rather than discrete emotions.


2. Rethink how to collect and analyze emotional data.

The key here is pragmatic, built on your current measurement tools so that you can quickly show value. First, overcome the limitations of investigating emotions using different kinds of problems and scales.


3. Use emotional indicators to drive the improvement of the CX and win the sceptics.

Prove the value of emotion measurement early on by getting a few stakeholders to use emotion metrics to inform CX improvements. You need to easily identify the systemic problems behind negative emotions by adding the context of emotional indicators. In addition, in order to help them better understand what leads to negative emotions, consider introducing some advanced mood measurement tools that you will not use to track emotional indicators in CX.

Here are the tips from us. If you have more we kindly share it with us.


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