How Much Does SEO Cost? A Rarely Answered Properly Question.

How Much Does SEO Cost? A Rarely Answered Properly Question.

We’ve heard how great SEO is for your business, we’ve seen companies are begging to rank well, and we’ve experienced prospects walking away from us, stating other agencies are better at pricing. It is no surprise that consumers psychologically tend to compare price tags prior to making a purchase, what’s more, an intangible product. When the talk of SEO arises, one common yet rarely answered properly question stands out amongst other doubts: “How much does SEO cost?”

There can hardly be a clear-cut answer to it. The cost for SEO depends on the quality one is receiving, the context of the SEO campaign and the type of campaign one is gunning for. Yes, the cost fluctuates. To decipher how each aspect plays an effect, let’s dive in:


First, let’s get one thing clear - not all SEO efforts are the same, not even close. We’ve warned prospects of unrealistic SEO results that cost a questionably low amount. “Owh my current agency can do it way cheaper than you”, says one. “They can guarantee a big rise in rank next month, can you?”, doubts another. Promises like kickass ranking in 30-60 days, huge influx of online traffic in the shortest amount of time or skyrocketed brand awareness are signs of black hat SEO. This thus allows agencies to charge such a low price while doing less work. This, is a red flag.

Unfortunately, businesses sometimes are so price-concerned that they tend to invest in only cheap SEO, thereby underestimating the harm a bad SEO can do to a site. It may seem like results are positive at initial stage, but a bad SEO is a one-way ticket down the search engine rankings, and will eventually lead to the downfall of your website.

In terms of quality, we are sorry, but to say truthfully,SEO costs more than most expect. It sure is a long term war to get the results you desire. However, good things come to those who wait. When you increase the budget of SEO to better nurture the quality and allow for a little patience, you will truly see real results on the search engine list.


After selecting an agency that delivers quality SEO, the next step in determining how much SEO costs is creating a campaign that is specific to the business’s goals and industry. The specifics of an SEO context include the size of the company, competition of the business’s industry, traffic volume they are currently receiving and how much growth the business is targeting.

By detailing your current condition and goals, SEO specialists can get into the mindset of prospects and create a suitable campaign that better targets relevant keywords and achieves growth in the prospect’s best interest. Every project or campaign should set a mutual understanding between parties involved for it to work seamlessly. At the end of the day, a contextual understanding of a client’s situation allows both the client and agency to create an SEO strategy that fitly lays out prices and campaign efforts.

Campaign (Goal-based)

Depending on the type of campaign you wish to run, the cost of SEO varies. Traditionally, SEO campaigns are categorized into budget-based and goal-based. Goal-based campaign refers to a client paying the required amount to reach their goal. Budget-based campaign contains a range of SEO services that are within the budgeted scope and strategy. Here, we’ll talk about the more highly sought goal-based campaign.

When does goal-based campaign work? It works best when clients and agencies establish a mutual understanding of each other. For instance, the agency has to put themselves into the shoes of their respective clients in order to accurately plan and optimize a strategy. The client or prospect, on the other hand, would need to place their trust in their chosen agency.

It is eye-opening to see clients assuming a 50% growth in organic result, but how much are they willing to allocate to obtain that? If a client is open to the fact that cost is higher than expected, then goal-based campaign is to work well. The main reason goal-based campaign fails being executed is the disagreement on the cost of reaching the desired goal.

So, how much exactly does SEO cost? There is no black and white answer. But one thing is for sure, if you really need to see some results, then do not go lightly on it. Interested to explore more about SEO? Check out what we've got for you.