Our next curve of innovation in 2018

Our next curve of innovation in 2018

Being in the industry for over 10 years, Nexus has witnessed the fast-changing digital economy in Malaysia. The trend has evolved from basic online business directory sites and website development trend until today’s search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing. Although digital adaptations within Malaysian companies are not as advanced as countries like United States, China and Europe, the growth rate of the digital economy in Malaysia remains to be optimistic with the support of government’s efforts and developments of tech startups.

In 2018, the next curve for digital trend is definitely the innovations in Big Data and analytics, Content Marketing and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning. The continuous growth in usage of these techniques in digital marketing for Malaysian businesses has encouraged the advancement of business technology, as well as creating great potential in embracing digital economy.



With the change of present digital trend, Nexus is ready to welcome the year with the new company direction to better provide the market with the innovated technology in digital marketing. Improvising current digital marketing services is crucial as we are looking into consulting people to penetrate or target their desired market in a more accurate and better way in the current digital world that is all about big data and AI.

We want to bring our people not only to keep up with the change of the trend but even to be ahead of it. Taking up the challenge of moving away from traditional digital marketing is our objective and emphasizing the application of AI in digital marketing is certainly our goal for 2018. So, stay tuned for our 2018 surprises for all of you! 🙂