Analytic Services

Analytic Services

Measure Your Spends and Manage Your Trends. Turning valuable data into actions.

Analytic Services

Understand the consumer’s behavior & turn them to be your loyal customer, turning Google Analytics insights into action. Google Analytics are the science of looking at conversion rates and churning that data to derive insights to figure out which methods and platform work best for your website.

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Analytic Services

Features of Google Analytics

Features of Google Analytics

Goals Tracking

Uses goal tracking to measure how often user complete specific actions on your website.

Funnel Analysis

Measure and improve the performance of customer interactions on your website.

Conversion Analysis

Measure what actions has been taken on your webpage.

Demographic & Behavior Analysis

Understand where your customer come from and what are their behavior.

Data Collection and Management

Provides accurate view of customers that can be customized to your business.

Event Tracking

Track special actions such as downloading, submitting form & video plays.

Custom Reporting

Tailor your reporting on overall performance to share among your organization.

What gets measured, get managed.

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Why Do You Need Us?

At Nexus, we are just like a doctor as we diagnose, analyse, work out action plan for our clients; we do not spin story like a spin doctor, and we do not mislead you.

We always start everything from User Experience (UX) of your website as that will be the fundamental factor whether you website can convert visit to sales or drive user to leave your site.

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Our Scope of Works

  • Google Analytics Audit
  • Strategic Google Analytics Set-Up
  • Custom User Behavior Tracking
  • Website Re-Launch Analysis
  • Monthly Analytics Support
  • Universal Analytics Migration Support

How do We Help Businesses in Achieving Their Goals?

  • Look at how to the users navigate within the entire website
  • Recommendation on how content page and conversion rate can be improved
  • Analysis of how to drive more ROI digital assets (SEO, PPC, social media & etc.)
  • Diagnose the flaws and suggest improvement
  • Analysis on the landing pages and we deliver solution if any amendment should be made.

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