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Youtube Advertising

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The time people spend watching YouTube on their TV has more than doubled over year. YouTube has been ranked as the 2nd largest search engine and it processes more than 3 billion searches a month. YouTube video ads appear just before searcher streams their video with a “Skip Ad” button on the right side. Advertisers only pay for the ad if it is viewed for 30 seconds or till the end. In fact, advertisers don’t have to pay a single cent if the ad is being skipped!

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Youtube Advertising : Viewers were 23% more likely to visit or subscribe to a brand, share or watch more of the brand.
Youtube Advertising : YouTube has over 1 billion unique visits each month and viewers watch over 6 billion hours of video.
Youtube Advertising : Proven that YouTube Advertising has TV-level ads reach and 10X more video engagement.

What We Do?

We develop a powerful video, strategy and message with instant impact on your YouTube Ads.

From broad to hyper-local targeting, select who, where & when your video ads show up, also fitting your budget!

From brand awareness to conversions, we help you meet your goals to maximize ROI.

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