Reasons to Choose The Google Display Network!

Did you know that Google Display Network can really support your paid search program? Internet media consumption especially in mobile form has increased tremendously over the last decades. In fact, there are several reasons why you should consider Google Display Network. You can target your potential users on mobile devices within an ideal location or target anywhere else in the world.

Google Display Network is considered a more passive form of advertising online. More than 90% of time online people spend on content sites, they may not be researching on search engine but casually browsing websites. You are able to place your ads across millions of sites in addition to Youtube and Gmail.

Google Display Network allows you to target users in different ways:

– Keywords contextual: ads placement based keywords that are relevant to your ads
– By topics/ interest: placement based on predefined types of topics or interest categories
– Retargeting: engage past site visitors who has expressed interest in your brand, products or services
– Manually managed placements: select certain sites or pages to show your ad

Search engine marketers can employ traditional text ads or more engaging ads with images, video, animated and motion elements.

In conclusion, Google Display Networks can help you to reach your potential customers at the right time with the right message.

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