SEO or Branding?

Which one should you focus on? Branding or Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?
You often see experts debating about branding and SEO. Which one should businesses focus on? Many said both branding and SEO can’t work together.
They can and SHOULD be done together!
SEO and branding have to go hand in hand. Without good branding, your SEO tactic will grow ineffective in the long run. Without SEO, your branding efforts will not be found online. So, STOP arguing which tactic is more important. What is more important is to incorporate the best practices to get the best of both worlds.
Build Your Brand Through Link Building
Branding is all about creating and shaping your company’s identity in the customer’s mind. This can be done through strategic link building.
As brand awareness increases, you will realise that
  1. Customer loyalty is strengthened
  2. Lost leads attention are recaptured
  3. Customer acquisition cost is reduced
Use Keywords Research and Focus on Brand Identity
Many startups try too hard to please everyone. This leads to the exact opposite. Since they do not have an established niche or speciality, their prospects do not connect to the brand. As the saying goes, “Jack of all trades, master of none.” You should focus on what you do best instead of trying to satisfy everyone.
Optimize Your Content
We can’t deny that content marketing plays an important role when it comes to your overall digital marketing performance. Google loves websites that share valuable content to users. Everything is getting consumer-oriented on search engines.
The ultimate content integrates best practices both from SEO and branding. You should write both for the search engine and your audience. If you only write for your audience, you might not see a corresponding improvement in your ranking. Thus, you should adopt SEO practices while not forgetting your audience in your content.
Rank Keywords for Various Parts of the Sales Cycle

Every chosen keyword should serve certain search intent:

  1. Navigational: Direct searches with the intent for finding a particular website. (eg: Apple, YouTube)
  2. Informational: Searches that satisfy user’s information needs (eg: how-tos, news)
  3. Transactional: User has direct purchase interest (eg: product categories, purchase)

For instance, Nexus is a digital marketing company and we created a landing page to sell our packaged digital marketing solutions. We wouldn’t want the page to rank for how to boost SEO rankings. It would be better for us to rank for something like digital marketing packages or how much does digital marketing cost.

Digital PR & SEO

With Google placing importance on quality, relevant content in addition to credible sites linking to your sites, you have to produce content that appeals and brings value to the readers. If you have come in touch with public relation, you will know this is exactly what public relations professionals do thus, the birth of the term, Digital PR. PR professionals target large publications and engage in forums to bring quality content linking to your site. In this digital era, PR professionals and SEO specialist need to work together in creating great content and reaching out to other sites to build relationships.

Reinforce Visual Branding with Image ALT Tags

Branding comes down to visual recognition. If people can recognize your design, logo and style, congratulations! You’ve succeeded. SEO can help you by implementing optimised ALT tags on your images. ALT tag is also known as ALT attribute and ALT description, is an HTML attribute to images as a text alternative for search engines. Applying ALT tags can impact your website’s rankings positively.  Use ALT tags to strengthen your visual identity every time someone searches for your business.

A strong SEO strategy can help build your brand by targeting the right audience and providing the audience with quality, meaningful content. Likewise, branding can strengthen your SEO efforts. The integration of both elements is what modern marketers should do.

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