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We can make it happen for you. Having an amazing web design and great content is only half of the battle. No matter how great your website is, it is just a decoration if it won’t show up on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Without Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), you are at risk of losing potential customers or worse, your existing customers. A statement no business owners want to hear.

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Our SEO Process


SEO Keywords Research

User Intent & Keywords Research

By researching your market's keyword demand, we use RankBrain technique to determine the most important, valuable, and high return keywords for your business.


SEO On Page Optimisation

On-Pages Optimisation

Ensuring that your pages are correctly optimised for your target keywords is a basic and essential part of on-page SEO in order to improve search engine ranking and visibility.


SEO HTML Optimization

Code Optimisation

The process of making your website “search engine-friendly” with correctly formatted HTML code. Ensuring all pages are indexed correctly & making it easier to search web contents.


SEO Quality Link Building

Quality Link Building

Establish a strong internal link within your website. They allow users to navigate a website easily & spread link equity (ranking power) around websites.


SEO Reports & Rank Tracking

Reports & Rank Tracking

Monthly ranking reporting & Identify what changes need to be made for website improvement.


First in SEO Ranking

#1 in SEO Ranking

Our SEO Services

Local SEO

Driving traffic into your website is just the beginning. Your ultimate goal is to get people to find your business online and convert into customers or visit your physical store. As one of the leading SEO company, we are here to help you achieve that goal.

97% of consumers go to Google to look for local business and 20%-25% of them converts into customers. Local search is another effective way for your customers to find you. Our job is to develop strategies that allow your prospects to find you.

Our SEO campaign incldes:

  • Localised content strategy
  • Competitive analysis
  • Store locator optimisation

Whether you are a small medium enterprise or a multinational corporation aiming to make your store visible online, Nexus' SEO Expert can help you accomplish your business objective.

International SEO

We are more connected than ever thanks to the development of technology. Everything is globalised and search marketing is no exception. Opportunities is always out there, waiting for you to grab it. What you need is a SEO Agency that knows how to spread the word about you locally and globally. We ensure that every single cent that you invest in search marketing pays off.

What we cover:

  • Localised keyword strategy. (With relevant context. NOT direct translation!)
  • Build local presence through Google Map listing

Want to learn more about International SEO? Contact us today for free consultation.

Ecommerce SEO

In the past, we would have a hard time believing that we could make an online purchase and the product would safely arrive in our doorstep. But that's not the case in this age and day, the consumer is performing transactions online more than ever, e-commerce has completely changed the way of how the world does business. If you are one of the business owner looking to turn your business into an online e-commerce or even enhancing your e-commerce SEO, Nexus is here to help!

We are a team of SEO specialist that build e-commerce platform from scratch and we provide scalable SEO strategies that drive revenue into your business. Whether a user is ready to buy or in the early stages of research, our job is to ensure your brand has a presence in the user’s online journey.

Our e-commerce seo includes:

  • Scalable keywords & user intent research
  • Strategic technical consulting
  • Product page optimization
  • Site architecture, navigation & hierarchy analysis/recommendations
  • Content marketing strategy for capturing potential user
  • Integrated approach with paid media (including Google shopping, Dynamic Remarketing & Social Media Ads)

Technical SEO

You have a great website but why Google is not giving you a fair ranking? If it's not your SEO strategies, all direction will be pointing your website’s technical issues. There could be hundreds of issues across your website like canonicalization, robots.txt, XML sitemaps, 404 errors, markup and etc. All these could be the factors that Google unable to properly crawl your website which give it bad ranking or no ranking at all.

At Nexus, our technical SEO team has audited hundreds of websites, spot out countless issues and gave recommendations for improvement. So how can we help?

Human Content Optimisation

Back in the 90’s when Internet was not as accessible as today, businesses rely on networking, specialisation and exceptional customer experience to drive revenue. It requires years of effort and patience. Similarly, SEO requires time and work. Human Content Optimisation centers on people and provides content that are able to solve their problems. You are building trust and credibility with your customers. Our SEO Consultant aim is to connect with your customers to achieve your business goals, not short-term solutions.

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