How To Stand Out In The Crowded Market

How To Stand Out In The Crowded Market


With 2017 being the year that online video spending surpasses TV spending, it’s never been a better time to get started with video ads to monetize your website. Online video platforms such as Youtube, Netflix, and Facebook gained a substantially increased amount of views on their videos every day. It is indeed difficult not to notice the growing popularity of online video. In fact, online video has gained significant popularity from all walks of life. Online video has become one of the major sources of entertainment. From a marketer’s perspective, online video is definitely one of the promising advertising tools. Let’s check out some of the amazing facts and stats about online video marketing.

How video marketing impacts your business?


    1. Including video in your email marketing can increase click-through rate (CTR) by 200-300%. If you have 100 audiences reading your email on a normal basis, by including a video in your email can increase it up to 300 audiences reading your e-mail.  Audiences are more likely to play a video rather than reading a wordy e-mail. The rationale is, watching and listening to a video seems to be much easier than reading words.


  1. Including video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80%. Videos play an important role in educating target audiences about your products or services. Let’s say your business is specializing in UV sterilizing equipment. Including a demonstration video on your landing page would help your target audiences to better understand your products. Compared to text-based explanation, a video will definitely be able to gain more attention, retain audience attention span, reduce bounce rate, and thus increase conversions.


According to statistics, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video. For example, if 100 visitors visit your online store and watch your video,  64 of those visitors will end up purchasing your product. Sounds promising?


Besides, unlike any other forms of content marketing, online video marketing can bring out evoke feelings in the end user, such as:


Trust: Video has its magic. Believe it or not, video can bring the “human touch” to product brand names. What else is more important than your audience trusting you? Let’s be frank, we all know that trust is one of the crucial element for your audiences to convert into customers. Online business owners should invest in anything that could help them to gain trust from their audiences and online video can help with that.


Curiosity: Ending your videos with a teaser about what to expect in the next video can definitely stir up your audience’s’ curiosity. This is one of the creative ways to keep your audiences engaged.

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Confidence: A testimonial video helps audiences to get rid of any apprehension that they may have. Testimonial videos will indeed help audiences to gain confidences in your products, services or brands!

Online video has definitely gained its share of popularity in advertising in the recent years. Facebook live feature, Instagram’s moment and live feature, and much more. While many big brands had begun to foster online video marketing when will be your turn?