The Bots That Work For You


Did you read the blog that was posted by us 2 days ago? If no, I suggest you read it. In the previous blog, we talked about what is Chatbots, and what are the technologies to build a Chatbot. In this blog we gonna talk about how Chatbots can help you in your business and why do you need Chatbots for your business.

Let’s think we talk to robots several times per day. If you have Google Home, talk to Siri on your iPhone, or chat with friends on Facebook Messenger, then you are using chatbots – a program that designed to talk to you as if you’re speaking to a human. Now you might be wondering why Chatbots existence is important to me?

Customer Service That Never Sleeps
Have you ever think to have a customer service that will never sleep? Am I crazy? Nope, I am definitely not, with the power of voice-controlled being undeniably impressive in the past 2 years, the exploring capabilities of chatbots in businesses have been increased, the software able to understand and reply to typed commands and questions. Both are able to accomplish similar goals, but chatbots are a simpler technology that can more easily target a specific subject. If your business regularly deals with customers, they likely have consistent issues or questions, and building a chatbot is an easy way to streamline that interaction by providing information to a customer faster and more efficiently than a customer service representative. What important is, THEY WORK EVERY DAY AND NIGHT!

Your All Time Favourite Sales Representative
If you’re a small business owner, you’re probably short on free time, busy closing deals, managing your team, and performing various other entrepreneurial tasks. This means you don’t always have the time to give your customers the attention they need, because you’re only one person, right? When it comes to marketing, Chatbots is allowing you to (finally) be in multiple places at once.

When it comes to marketing, Chatbots is allowing you to (finally) be in multiple places at once.

A great example of this is H&M. When customers interact with the company’s bot, they’re asking the customer about the style of clothing they prefer. Then, when the bot has enough information, it makes recommendations that are tailored to the customers’ tastes. Depending on the types of products and services you offer, you can use your chatbot in most of the industry. Your bots can sell your products for you, and because they’re online 24/7, they can actually make good on the phrase “make money while you sleep.”

Your Leads Filtration
Qualifying leads can be a pain, right? It’s not always easy to determine which person is a good fit for what you’re offering, it’s something you have to do to avoid wasting your time trying to sell someone who doesn’t need what you’re selling.
Chatbots can save your time here as well by asking your customers the appropriate qualifying questions to figure out what products are best suited for them. After qualifying a prospect, the bot can forward it to your sales team for follow up or even better they make your appointment for you, significantly increasing your sales team productivity.

Even if chatbots seem like a niche right now, market predictions point to chatbots changing how people interact with businesses and with the internet on a large scale. Should you have your own chatbot on your website in 2017? Maybe not, but in the next year or two, you absolutely should be.

Feel free to share with us your opinion about Chatbots.


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