The Tale of A Responsive Website

The Tale of A Responsive Website

I am a Responsive Website.
I respond and adapt to the size of your screen.

I ensure that the layout is represented well on the screen.
You can browse me on the desktop, tablet or on your phone.
I will only be showing off consistently, with the best version of myself.
So be sure to read through me.

I’ll make your life easier, I swear.
You won’t need to pinch and enlarge me.
Neither will you need to scroll me horizontally!

I will promise you that the most important information is seen first on mobile devices due to the small screen size as compared to a desktop.

And… most importantly,
I will ensure that you show up on Google top searches above one without and

Increase reach to customers.
What more can I say, now that Google has implemented Mobile-first indexing.

It just shows how much you need me too! “  

Yours sincerely,
Mobile Responsive Website.

Contemplating if you need me?

Having a responsive website ensures an optimised browsing experience. With over 20 million mobile users today, imagine the ‘reach’ you can attain with your website! Consumers ‘search’ on their mobile before any other platforms. A consistent experience can increase lead generation and conversions - Bingo!

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