Time is going. The world is changing.

Time is going. The world is changing.


Back then, when a business wants to advertise to reach more people, the advertisements will be shown in a lot of places like newspaper, magazine, if the advertiser has more money will even consider billboard or TV advertisement. As people like to spend their leisure time to surf around the media to enrich their daily life, it will be easier for people to learn more about the products and services as they will be call-in to get more info.

Nowadays the sales of the newspaper and magazine are dropping, more people prefer to use the mobile gadget to update the latest news and trends. If you are a cautious personnel, for sure you will sense some of the communication power of traditional advertising platform is getting weak nowadays.

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In this 21st century, owning a smartphone is not something uncommon. We might not be aware, but technology is a major part of our life. Having a smartphone in our hand is what we do every day.

  • When I go to meet friend
  • When I go to work
  • When I go out and play
  • When I go out and buy something
  • When I am learning something
  • When I slack around at home

Of course, me too!

Smartphone makes my life easier to communicate with others, spend time during my leisure time on social media or to watch a video when I am bored.

If a business information can be shown to their target audience’s lifestyle, would it be valuable? I think definitely yes!

  • Uploading some pictures and memories when I spend some time with my friends.
  • Surf the internet and find business information through Google or Facebook when I am at work.
  • Search through review page and social media and find out the best hangout spot when I decided to hang out with my friends
  • Get some the product’s review before I make a purchase online.
  • Search Google and try to find it out whether there is better sources that can help me more easily understand a subject.

So what can you understand out from here?

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No doubt that impression or to the raise brand awareness will help a company to grow their business effectively nowadays. Online advertising is not working in the early 90’s as the internet, computer or smartphone is not well invented for publics at that time.

In this 21st century, it is an information booming era. Malaysian can easy easily own a laptop, tablet or smartphone. There are a lot of different of data or internet plan for the audience. With the demand of the usage, the competitiveness of the telecommunication industry is getting intense, better deal of telco packages are improving, meaning that people are able enjoy better internet service from time to time.

The trend is showing that people are going online nowadays. Do you think a business man should follow the trend by publishing their business online?  

Yeap, let’s stop keep throwing data to drown people into the pool of bored. Just look around and see for yourself, people will AUTOMATICALLY find out information through online either with smartphone or computer.

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Let’s think from a business point of view, what is the best way to reach to the customer?

I believe we somehow can’t live without Google because it makes our life easier and we love it! Besides that, social media like Facebook or Instagram also becoming a trend in Malaysia.

The beauty behind Google that able to grow a business is the USER INTENT, you will only be found when people are SEARCHING for your services or products. For example, John would like to change his car tyre, but he is trying to find out the best tyre for his car, so what would he do?

  1. Call his father to seek for help him
  2. Ask his friend for recommendations
  3. Call for the insurance company and check if the tyre maintenance fee is covered under his insurance contract
  4. Search on the internet see which tyre workshop sells a good brand of tyre

For me option 4 will be my first option, what about you? However, please bare in mind:


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A different industry will have a different pattern on the buying process, John’s case can’t fit into every industry. There might be different ways to perform online marketing for a different industry. Sometimes, you might think your business nature is not suitable for online advertising but think in thoroughly. Do you own a device that can surf through the internet?

So, when you speak the RIGHT words at the RIGHT time with the RIGHT services/products and RIGHT promotion to the RIGHT people, will the people be interested in your products/services? The answer will be YES!


So what are the tools/tactics that we can use through online to reach to the right people with a certain objective in 2017?

  • Website Development
  • Social Media Platform setup
  • Video Production
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Gogle Adwords
  • Google Search Networks
  • Google Display Networks
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Instagram Advertising
  • Linkedin Advertising
  • Youtube Advertising

There are a lot of platforms and tactics that a business can use for online marketing purposes. Some of the platforms can fit within your budget to go online. It will be another long explanation how these platforms help a business growth in a strategics way.

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