To www or not to www?

We used to see www. In the early days of the internet. It was the norm. These days, many websites are omitting the www. So, will choosing one or the other impact your website’s SEO?
Will you get duplicate content issues by having both www and non-www versions?
Let us take a look at the answers to these questions.

Should I use ‘www’ for Google?

Google can crawl your site regardless of ( or ( The only reason why you would use www is if your target audience can’t recognise your domain as the domain name. This only happens if your audience are baby boomers or early Gen X. Whichever you choose to use, fortunately, it will not affect your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Will I get duplicate content issues? 

Having both www and non-www URLs pose the risk of duplicate contentSearch engines will have trouble in determining which URL to show in search results. Search engines such as Google will see your website as not SEO-friendly and your rankings can be affected.

How do we fix it?

Choose! Pick one version to be your main website and redirect the other one to it. For instance, Nexus Mediaworks redirects to because we think it shows more professionalism. But, don’t let this affect your decision.

Your ultimate goal is to maintain an SEO-friendly website which provides meaningful and beneficial information for your target audience.

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