Before we dive right into the SEO tips, we need to first understand the importance of Lead Generation, so in short lead generation in SEO terms means the achievement of gaining potential customers for your business from customers that came from google search results. you’ll be one step away from your victory lap. I will walk you through the assets and steps needed at each stage of the customer journey so you can improve your performance and outrank your competitors.

1. Keyword Research

Keywords are a very important and essential part of SEO Malaysia because it’s gonna help you for Google to determine your website’s ranking level based on the relevance and connection of the chosen keyword and the potential customer’s searches. This is very important because choosing the right keywords can either help your website to grow and climb the ranking or it can damage your ranking and you’ll slowly watch your website’s ranking drop. So it’s very important to put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers and brainstorm the right keywords that would help benefit your business.

2. Location of the keywords

Finding the right keywords but also the location of the keywords are even more important because the more clear google can see your keyword, the better the ranking will get. So like for example, placing the keywords in the Meta title and the meta description of the website page will benefit because of the higher chance of getting noticed by Google and also your potential customers.  Not only does location matter but also the wording of the keyword because it wouldn’t be natural to place the keyword directly onto the website just like that because Google will penalize you for trying to put in a lot of keywords at once into your website, which is why you have to place them and word it very naturally.

3. Publish content regularly

A great tip to boost the organic growth of your website, is to update regularly on the website like posting blog posts would be a great and effective way to increase your SEO ranking because Google is more likely to rank websites that are always active and also Google will favour websites that have fresh and new contents. So if you want to increase your lead generation, we suggest that you frequently update your website with fresh new content weekly.

4. Internal Links

Internal links are not only great for the viewers to navigate them to different pages but they also can help to boost your website’s growth in SERP ranking and many SEO experts believe that having 2 to 3 internal links will achieve a higher ranking and some may say 2 to 5 internal links will also assist in boosting your ranking.

5. Adding creative visuals and contents

 Having a user-friendly user interface and user experience website can overall boost your lead generation’s growth because not only Google will favour and rank websites with a very friendly user interface and experience but also it helps the audiences have a better experience in using them which can increase more lead generation.

6. Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the few very important factors to have a very SEO effective website. Backlinks are links that are originally from other websites and once the user clicks on them, they will be directed to your website based on a specific subject like for example a fruit juice website can have a backlink to a fruit juice blender website. Having backlinks from other websites can help your website be beneficial for getting pushed to rank higher by Google.

7. website speed

It was recently announced by Google that the website’s speed has been considered as a factor that affects the SEO ranking of websites in SERP, which means Google favours the user’s experience website which website loading speed has become a factor for it.

8. mobile design

Google also tends to rank websites that are very mobile friendly to its users compare to other websites that are not mobile-friendly to its users and based on a study, more than 60% of Google search traffic are coming from mobile devices which is like 6 out of 10 of them are your potential customers so which is very important to make sure your website to be more mobile-friendly to be ranked higher by Google.

9. customer review

Customer reviews are also a great way to build and increase lead generation because it helps build a better reputation and also a trustworthy image to Google which is good because they need to rank websites that is trustworthy on top of the search results and also able to give the users a more trustworthy experience with the website.

10. local SEO strategies

Many people want to use SEO to promote their website to promote as many audiences as possible but many should focus on targeting the audience where their business is, which means it is more beneficial for your business to target an audience that is nearby the business that you are running.


In conclusion, the 10 tips for boosting lead generation for your business are finding the right keywords, finding the right location for the keywords, always publish content regularly, make full use of internal links, make sure your websites have creative visuals, include backlinks, website speed matters, having the website to be mobile friendly and last focus more on local SEO strategies.